DHS Declares Gun Owners Terrorists!

The real terrorists are the government, I have been terrorized by them my entire life. DHS is the Terrorists!!! "Either you are with us (We the People) or you are with the terrorists (DHS)." Just for the record sopa an pippa was an attempt to control/shut down the Internet by giving government a kill switch.. It didn't pass cause of the people pushed back. Arron Swartz who died recently .. His dad claims by our government. Was an activist who was started the movement and exposed the real intent of these bills....As long as the American public continues to be fooled into thinking that these servants are the Government nothing will change. Every Government service position is a term of service to "We The People" the true Government the Constitution talks about and they are supposed to answer to "We The People," as we are the Government not them. When the servants started calling themselves the Government is how things got all messed up for now they answer to their Banks & Corporate masters instead of us. ...All societies that have handed over their weapons are doomed to be under tyranny for a long time ,What goes around comes around...this is what we get for not standing up for the millions of innocent Iraqi's and all the innocent people in the middle east who've been maimed for life, killed, and pillaged.

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