David Icke ~ The TV is The Greatest Hypnotist in the World

DAVID Icke Mind Games,Mass Hypnosis & Program...ing of Humanity!

David Icke ~ The TV is The Greatest Hypnotism on The Planet , Yes mass hypnosis this is what we been getting from young age but those who does it they are hiding true fact that we have been trained to be hypnosis without our realization. The other type of hypnosis is through witches and witchcraft where someone know how to hypnosis their victim not like we see Dr's does it and tell us i am going to do this to you. This is through without our noticed and done by witches and witchcraft who has manipulate our mind through witchcraft using eveil spirits either inserted into us or been kept around us to make us to us do as told where this evil spirits make us do things according to their planning. We do it and most of the time we think it is us who doing what been taking place but it is been programmed to do many things where victim do not realized until it is too late. Because it was made to ruin us we do not talk to say you know it could be not me who wanted to do this but i did it i do not know why because no one in the whole world would believe us so we keep quite and except this as final. Devil is destroyer and through games he ruin people lives, he kill in masses, he take innocents souls so to achieve this he uses human who are greedy, criminals, wants to rape female, abuse kids, have wealth and power so to achieve this he/she decides to become slave of evil spirits so he/she does all to us to have wealth and power. This is why they are one step ahead of the game becasue they have planned it and we come to know after distruction. They are evil people and they uses religion and religious places to control us by saying this is God saying so we fear God and hell while they abuse our children, take our wealth and make us weak.


  1. I’ve been reading your blog recently. I think you’ve done an excellent job at showing people positive affirmations.life coach training

  2. You are posting a lot of old videos lately.....why?

  3. I'm a fan of David Icke. I have seen his videos and he really is a great hypnotist. However, I agree with the above comment, the video is old. Please upload more latest videos.

    Mark Duin
    Motivational Speaker


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