The Da Vinci Code Roundtable - Coast to Coast AM

Date: 05-29-06
Host: George Noory
Guests: Glenn Kimball, Laurence Gardner, William Henry

Scholars of ancient manuscripts and legends, Laurence Gardner, William Henry, and Glenn Kimball shared their reactions to the ideas presented in The DaVinci Code, Dan Brown's popular book which was recently turned into a movie.Gardner commented that in Brown's novel there is a murkiness blending fact and fiction, and that he is definitely wrong in stating some items as factual in his introduction--such as details about the Priory of Sion.

The three guests concurred with the theory that Jesus married Mary Magdalene. This is not what has been traditionally taught, so the revelation upsets the church hierarchy, said Gardner. Yet Kimball commented that every nun considers herself to be a "bride of Jesus." As evidence for the marriage, Gardner cited the New Testament's description of Mary Magdalene's anointing of Jesus' feet with oil. This was a long-standing wedding ritual, he said. Kimball believes Jesus and Mary had several children, including a daughter named Sarah (though this name was really a title that meant princess, rather than her actual first name).

Henry praised Dan Brown's work for posing valuable questions and bringing Gnostic thought to the masses. He suggested that the bloodline of Mary and Jesus may have faced persecution because they held a higher type of consciousness that threatened the church's authority. The church sought to quash the secret knowledge of transforming an ordinary human into a being of light, explained Henry.


  1. Not sure why you are picking on nuns here, the nuns are only a tiny, tiny group of people.
    The Body of Christ is worldwide, with MILLIONS of believers, THAT is the bride, not just a bunch of nuns.

  2. This was Dan Brown's first novel I read and loved it. It was much better than his previous novel Angels & Demons. The movie sucked big time though.


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