Thursday, January 31, 2013

Bill O'Reilly : America to Collapse in 2013

Bill O'Reilly you stayed silent when Bush stole elections.......we don't need the GAO the dollar is collapsing. The budget is swallowed up by war profiteers...more than 50% on military....and you insult American people 'not smart enough to even care'. .yes Americans care... and see it coming. We are being eaten alive by war profiteers who pay your salary to promote their propaganda. Your karmic debt is coming.


  1. yeah, BO is a freaking dope and now he is tryiong to take credit for something we all know is coming. He is too stupid to realize that the policies he supports are the main reason for the collapse of this country. What a maroon!

  2. O'Reilly, there aren't words to describe what a LOW-LIFE, BLOODSUCKING PIECE OF FLEM you are. I stand corrected, I guess there are. You FINALLY get on the BANDWAGON of the likes of Max Keiser, Webster Tarpley, Rick Wiles, and a HOST of others that have BEEN SCREAMING that Obama and his COWARDLY BAND OF MERRY MEN have taken this country for a ride. What gives O'Reilly, are you leaving the country or something?


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