10 Ways To End The World

Don't underestimate the humans. They can do it themselves! We are already working on hundreds of ways to commit collective suicide. One day one of them will succeed.Apparently, most people think money is more important than their own lives. It's sad , Humanity is a failed experiment. We needed another couple of million years to evolve but given our violence, greed, need for power over others and total disregard for the planet we are tenants of not lords we will not have the time to evolve. We have learned nothing. I and maybe 100 others have but we have not chance against the Global Market and slavery to the Corporation. The best thing for this planet and all other species will be our exit ASAP.

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  1. We are here on this planet and this planet is called the world of limitations...mental enslavement... the aim is to self educate in order to break any mental limitations, to mentally free ourselves and to become Universale being...we have everything to succeed including the all power of the Universe at our disposal. Very few will have the guts to walk through this open door and leave this temple of enslavement called humanity.


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