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Alan Watt ~ The Century of Change

Propaganda by a previously trusted news source is the greatest tool those who want to control us, have.We are all victims of circumstance as we are at a time when many don't know what is really happening but still choose to follow and believe the establishment news.The alternative sources have tapped a pipeline of truth and are bringing forth undisclosed material most would say is a nontruth because the state run news didn't report it.We are at the day of awakening.Peace.

Max Keiser Drinks The Hand Sanitizer instead of The Kool-Aid

Max Keiser ~ High Frequency Scalping : Drinking alcoholic hand sanitizer is probably one of the few legitimate alternatives to drinking the Kool-Aid of so-called Capitalism.

Steve Quayle ~ Secret Vimana 5000 Year Old Flying Machine Discovered in Afghanistan

Ancient India Puranas and their history are NOT Mythology. it comes from ancient Vedic civilization .What caused the sudden rush of these most powerful leaders of the Western World to go to Afghanistan, this report continues, was to directly view the discovery by US Military scientists of what is described as a "Vimana" entrapped in a "Time Well"
that has already caused the "disappearance" of at least 8 American Soldiers trying to remove it from the cave it has been hidden in for the past estimated 5,000 years.


Vimāna is a word with several meanings ranging from temple or palace to mythological flying machines described in Sanskrit epics.

Reference to ancient Indian flying vehicles comes from ancient Indian sources, many are the well known ancient Indian Epics, and there are literally hundreds of them. Most of them have not even been translated into English yet from the old sanskrit.

It is claimed that a few years ago, the Chinese discovered some sanskrit documents in Lhasa, Tibet and sent them to the University of Chandrigarh to be translated. Dr. Ruth Reyna of the University said recently that the documents contain directions for building interstellar spaceships!

Their method of propulsion, she said, was "anti-gravitational" and was based upon a system analogous to that of "laghima," the unknown power of the ego existing in man's physiological makeup, "a centrifugal force strong enough to counteract all gravitational pull."

According to Hindu Yogis, it is this "laghima" which enables a person to levitate. Dr. Reyna said that on board these machines, which were called "Astras" by the text, the ancient Indians could have sent a detachment of men onto any planet, according to
the document, which is thought to be thousands of years old. The manuscripts were also said to reveal the secret of "antima", "the cap of invisibility" and "garima", "how to become as heavy as a mountain of lead."

Steve Quayle
Stephen Quayle is the author of five books. For over thirty years, he has been investigating ancient civilizations, giants, UFOs and biological warfare as they relate to the future of mankind. Stephen discusses the coming worst-case scenarios approaching this world and how they interrelate to each other. Earthquakes, volcanoes, nuclear and biological terrorism, coupled with the planned financial meltdown of the U.S. dollar will thrust us into unimagined tribulations. Stephen Quayle is on record as stating that we have moved from the realm of natural threats into the arena of supernaturally guided events of the unseen hand of evil orchestrating world events of unfathomable proportions.

SHOCKING TRUTH What Really Makes People Become Terrorists

"NOTHING will end war unless the people themselves REFUSE to go to war." -Albert Einstein

The Corporate U.S has become the greatest terrorist state on the planet! The Karma(the judgement) is coming for the secret society boys; The soldiers may not have had the whole story, but they sure as hell know when they sign up, that they may have to kill people and that some of the people who die, may be innocent civilians. Why would anyone agree to that?

147 Technocratic "Super Entities" Rule the World

By Susanne Posel
Occupy Corporatism
The Swiss Federal Institute (SFI) in Zurich released a study entitled “The Network of Global Corporate Control” that proves a small consortiums of corporations – mainly banks – run the world. A mere 147 corporations which form a “super entity” have control 40% of the world’s wealth; which is the real economy. These mega-corporations are at the center of the global economy. The banks found to be most influential include:
• Barclays
• Goldman Sachs
• JPMorgan Chase & Co
• Vanguard Group
• Deutsche Bank
• Bank of New York Melon Corp
• Morgan Stanley
• Bank of America Corp
• Société Générale
However as the connections to the controlling groups are networked throughout the world, they become the catalyst for global financial collapse.

Asia The next Powder Keg & The Beginning of World War 3

STRATFOR Robert D. Kaplan on the Rise of Asia (Agenda) The Rise of Asia may not last. There's Sino-Japanese conflict. Sino-Indian conflict. Indo-Pak conflict. So on. If war breaks out. Asia is doomed. Whereas Europe is far far less likely to see warfare. Same can be said about North America.Fact: Asia is dependent on primary resource imports. China is just a collapse waiting to happen. The western regions (especially Tibet) and the Cantonese-speaking regions are going to experience a rise in nationalist movements against the Mandarins. By the way, the word 'niche' is pronounced "NEESH", not "nitch". I personally am fine with Japan's increased nationalism and military size, because they are one of our closest allies now. Once again, history repeats itself. I think we all know what would happen next, but hopefully we have learnt our lesson. If not....I don't think there would be another chance

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