Thursday, December 27, 2012

World War 3 Plan Explained - Problem - Reaction - Solution

Wondering when WW3 will start? The United States is laying the foundation for a war with Iran. So far, U.S. has invaded Libya, Iraq and Afghanistan. Today, Syria, China, Russia and Israel are constantly in the news regarding war and some type of false flag event will lead to WW3. The bretton woods agreement has a lot to do with the United States' control over the world, taking us off the Gold Standard and instituting a fiat currency. Gold and silver still remain money while the world is tricked into believing paper money is real. This video goes into the true history about what has started wars and explains how we are now on the path to the final one; wwiii. Will Obama be able to handle this coming war properly? If only we had a modern day Nostradamus to predict when this war will start.

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