Sandy Hook Mass Media Psyop: Outtakes and Bloopers

Only the actors involved. Everyone else is kept back from the "crime scene", except, of course, the carefully-regulated propaganda, I mean, "free press" media....Very few have to know the "real truth". The actors (so called parents of murdered children) don't have to be "in" on the whole truth. They are just acting their parts for this particular "play". As you can see from other videos, most of the police don't know the "real" story, they are just repeating what they have been told to say. You are right, name, everyone with any real information is kept back from the "crime scene", but I would give up trying to explain that to the "thick headed".


  1. Using children to score political points. The U.N. plan to disarm Americans was already in the cards. They have been playing that game since July. And now they use this tragedy. Uglier than Hitler.

  2. Monetary Central Planning is the root cause of all economic crisis. Western societies have a system in fact very similar to the Gosplan of the extinct U.S.S.R.

    A complete invention (paper money) printed by a very small group of people is actually a scarse resource... in God we trust!!!!!

    One can see the mechanism much better in the boundaries of the Western Civilization, such native people of Canada. It is crystal clear the purpose of the system and how is imposed to native people that never ask for it or need it.

    Here two interesting links:
    -Monetary Central Planning:
    -Kevin Annett, money system to slave native people in Canada:


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