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Unemployment Dips to 8.9 Pct., 192K Jobs Added

Employers in February hired at the fastest pace in almost a year and the unemployment rate fell to 8.9 percent _ a nearly two-year low. (March 4) provides real statistics.
The real number is 20%+
These numbers are only counts those receiving benefits - when that runs out - you fall off the stats.

Financial Armageddon Coming Soon (2011)

Financial Armageddon Coming Soon (2011) What is the world moving toward quickly? What is coming in 2011? What do many financial experts agree on? What is happening to the U.S.?

Wanna fix the problem? Stop issuing debt as money!! End the Federal Reserve and destroy the financial tyrant. End the Fed and dismantle the international banking cartel thus ending the financial terrorism. Demand an audit of the Federal Reserve!!! The proof is in the books or lack thereof!
Amazing....They think the American people are to held responsible for the trillions swindled away by the banksters. And, all the while money is just made up out of the sky. Let it fall. The leaders of the country are to blame along with the greedy oligarchs. Hilarious that they can even find the audacity to utter the suggestion that the American people are responsible for the money they were robbed of.

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