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Tiger Woods better person of the year than Bernanke says Charles Goyette
Top 2010 Stocks Charts

A second Climategate from Russia ?

Another Climategate ? Russian data cherry picked by CRU to fit theory

A leading Russian think-tank claims the British meteorological office has been misrepresenting Russian weather data to manupulate the results and suggest rising temperature trends. The Moscow Institute of Economic Analysis alleges the Hadley Center for Climate Change used only a quarter of the data provided by Russia. Analysts for the agency imply that climate experts selectively used incomplete reporting that emphasized a warming effect.

Hugo Chavez if the Climate was a bank they would have saved it already

Police Confront Protesters As Climate Talks Stall

U.N. climate talks were deadlocked Wednesday, two days before global leaders hoped to sign an agreement. Police confronted protesters outside the Copenhagen conference venue with pepper spray and batons. (16 December 2009)

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