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Man Who Killed 4 Wash. Officers May Be Wounded

The man who killed four Lakewood, Washington police officers at a coffee shop may have been wounded by one of the officers. Pierce County sheriff's spokesman Ed Troyer asked clinics and hospitals to report anyone who shows up with a gun wound. (Nov. 29)

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Surviving Christmas without going broke

Surviving Christmas . Top Ten Tips

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Presenters Richie Litchfield and Claire Anstey offer their tips for surviving the festive period. Richie and Anstey are supporters of the CALM charity
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Delaney Starcher rare brain cancer

Delaney Starcher is a 5 years girl who was diagnosed with a rare brain cancer called Diffuse Intrinsic Pontine Glioma on Oct 29th 2009. If you want to help her with a donation and know more about her background

Tiger Woods car accident update 11pm 27nov

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Best Cyber Monday 2009 deals: Tiger Woods was rushing out for Black Friday deals on golf clubs

Tiger Woods Alleged Mistress Rachel Uchitel Leaves NYC Area

( - The Alleged Tiger Woods Mistress Rachel Uchitel has been spotted leaving the greater New York area in light of all the allegations and media frenzy. Reports indicate that she was spotted on her way to Los Angeles, California.

PA Unemployment Biweekly Claim

Financial Armageddon Blog
PA unemployment biweekly claim is on the PA state official website. The unemployment continues to rise. Pennsylvania is one of the states that got hit the hardest for unemployment. The unemployment rate in the state, was 4.5 in the fourth quarter, due to the second quarter of this year went up to an unbelievable 8.1% in the year 2007 and continues to increase since ...

Nigel Farage MEP The State of the EU & The Undemocratic Treaty of Lisbon - RedIceRadio

Nigel Farage MEP - The State of the EU & The Undemocratic Treaty of Lisbon
August 6, 2009

Nigel Farage is one of the founding fathers of UKIP, the UK independence Party,
and is one of the only dissident voices in the European Parliament.
We spend about 30 minutes discussing the state of the European Union and the extremely
important upcoming Irish vote on the Lisbon Treaty.

Topics Discussed: The European Constitution, the Lisbon Treaty, EU leaders above the Law, the Undemocratic Process, What will the Lisbon Treaty mean if it indeed is implemented? The Galvin Report, Jose Manuel Barroso, Sarkozy, Napoleon in a suit, Margot Wallström, Barros's Choice of People to Lead the Commission, The EU Anthem and Flag, European Identity, The Euro-Nationals, Europeanism, EU as a Future Socialist Soviet State, Vladimir Bukovsky, Tony Blair as a future President of the European Union, Valery Giscard De'Estaing, Jens-Peter Bonde, Marta Andreasen, new laws being passed, MEP allowance frauds, Eurospeak, the Euro, what can be done to stop the treaty? Can countries go out of the EU? Do NOT miss this important program. Spread it far and wide!

Nigel Farage the Lisbon Treaty EU The Galvin Report Jose Manuel Barroso Sarkozy Margot Wallström The EU Anthem and Flag European Identity The Euro-Nationals Europeanism
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