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Glenn Beck about The troops in Afghanistan

Beck gives impassioned speech about the Troops in Afghanistan

Catherine Austin Fitts speaks about the economic collapse on the Alex Jones

Catherine Austin Fitts tells about HUD, bubble economy, James Goldsmith, GATT, WTO, NAFTA, Charlie Rose, central banking warfare, world government, global taxation system, food stamps, jp morgan chase, india, CalPERS, president barack obama, pump and dump, barry soetoro
recorded on November 18th 2009

End the Fed rally : Where did our money go?

End the Fed rally : The FED is a private banking cartel

American legislators want to discover more about the role of the US Federal Reserve in the global financial crisis. A Congressional committee has already voted for an audit of the country's Central Bank. For almost a hundred years the Fed has regulated interest rates and the amount of money floating around the US economy. Now Americans want to know where that money actually goes.

End the Fed Federal reserve US economy Audit the Fed Audit Federal reserve US taxes American taxpayers RT Marina Portnaya New York protest

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