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David Icke Latest Interview Nature of Reality Reptilians 2012

To be blunt - if you're a really close minded individual and your best friend is the television - it is best you exit this video immediately. David Icke discusses the true nature of reality and consciousness, reptilian shapeshifters, how to empower ourselves against the tyrannical system and global elite, and his perspective on 2012.

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The Economic Cost of War in Afghanistan and Iraq Iraq and Obama no Exit Strategy . Journalist David Axe

Journalist David Axe : No real strategy for Afghanistan

More and more Americans have concerns about the war in Afghanistan, especially at a time when the costs of war are rising and President Obama seems reluctant to make a decision about troop levels. Is there a viable strategy for winning the war in Afghanistan? Journalist David Axe, who has done in-depth reporting from Afghanistan, talks to Priya Sridhar about the challenges the country poses.

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