Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Keith Olbermann s Worst Person Lou Dobbs Leaving CNN 11/11/09

Keith Olbermann's "Worst Person" - Lou Dobbs [Leaving CNN]

Keith Olbermann Worst Person Lou Dobbs Quit CNN 11/11/09


  1. what a Douchebag Olberman is :-(

  2. Oberman is rather juvenile but then again so are all liberal people when they try speaking

  3. Lou Dobbs, will land somewhere where he can make a valid contribution.
    How can anyone work for the global media circus run by thugs anyway.
    I imagine he will find a independent source likely Internet based

  4. any bets on FOX, like John Stossel?

  5. Olbermann lacks class and you can see it every time he talks. Lou Dobbs is above that sort of classless commentary. Olbermann increasingly shows himself as being anti-American just like a lot of the liberals are. Somehow its our fault for wanting to fight for our country and the best for it. Of all people, you would think Olbermann would at least respect that but being a liberal Obama supporter, you can tell he's one of the fifth column.


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