Will Donald Trump DESTROY America in 2017

Hillary would of destroyed America and the world too .

we think citizens of the world we are 0:24 anonymous the election of Donald Trump 0:28 has sent millions of people pouring out 0:30 onto the streets to protest the man they 0:32 think is a rate this misogynist a phobic 0:36 fully will destroy us democracy and his 0:38 quest to establish himself with supreme 0:40 ruler of the country 0:43 maybe they're right maybe something's a 0:46 fascist will destroy America but where 0:49 were these people when Obama was bombing 0:51 wedding parties in Kandahar or training 0:54 jihadist militant to fight in Syria or 0:57 abetting NATO destructive onslaught on 0:59 Libya or planting the Ukrainian two 1:01 freshmen seidel warfare or collecting 1:04 the phone records of innocent Americans 1:05 or departing hundreds of thousands of 1:09 undocumented workers are force-feeding 1:11 prisoners of Gitmo or providing bombs 1:14 and aircraft for the southeast to 1:16 continue their genocide war against 1:18 Yemen where were they they were asleep 1:22 weren't they 1:24 because liberals always sleep when they 1:26 landed in office particularly their man 1:29 is a smooth-talking cosmopolitan snake 1:31 charmer like Obama who proved about 1:34 personal freedom and democracy while 1:36 unleashing the most unspeakable violence 1:38 of civilians across the Middle East and 1:40 Central Asia be hard except that we must 1:45 take their plenty of steps we can take 1:47 right that's right now start getting our 1:49 economy back on track to help create 1:52 jobs and grow the company if we are 1:54 going to be a world tennis on foreign 1:56 oil 1:56 we're going to end our dependence on 1:58 foreign oil well recruit an army of new 2:00 teachers always make college affordable 2:04 make college more affordable and repair 2:08 our crumbling roads and bridges we've 2:10 got crumbling roads bridges tonight or 2:13 Americans are out of work you still got 2:14 friends out there family we're looking 2:16 for work at a time when so many people 2:18 struggling to keep up a moment when so 2:21 many people are still struck you are 2:23 willing to work with me if you're 2:24 willing to work even harder than 2:25 selection I problems that i promised i'd 2:28 rather to change will come the United 2:30 States has been as Walter eight straight 2:33 years and Rose bomb and during that time 2:35 there has been one size of land he will 2:38 march demonstration projects nothing no 2:42 one seems to care when articulate 2:45 biracial manager and kills mostly people 2:47 of color but when a brash and outspoken 2:50 real estate magnate takes over the reins 2:52 of power then what shall become here 2:55 come with protesters all three million 2:57 Muslims can we agree that there is at 2:59 least the appearance of hypocrisy here 3:01 if Hillary had won the drone strikes 3:05 would have continued the wars would have 3:07 continued the spine would continue 3:10 whistleblowers would continue being 3:13 prosecuted and hunted down and 3:16 minorities would continue bearing the 3:18 brunt of these policies both in the US 3:20 and across the world 3:22 the difference is that in such a 3:23 scenario Democrats if the last eight 3:26 years are any indication would remain 3:28 silence as there is under Obama offering 3:32 their minimum concern and verifying 3:34 anyone attacking their beloved president 3:36 has some sort of paper cities across the 3:38 US would remain free of protests and for 3:42 another 48 years Democrats would 3:44 continue doing absolutely nothing to 3:47 ending the same horrifying policies now 3:49 promoted by Republican how many of the 3:52 eight hundred thousand protesters who 3:55 marched on sunday would have flown to 3:57 Washington to express their contempt 3:59 that would be president Hillary Clinton 4:00 0 I'd wager and yes Hillary who wanted 4:05 to implement the no-fly zone 4:07 syria that would have put Washington in 4:09 direct confrontation with Moscow just 4:11 like with Hillary who wanted to teach 4:13 you connecting or two in Ukraine but is 4:16 that what the people want 4:18 would people prefer to be led into world 4:21 war three by a vote five champion of 4:23 liberal values and conceived the post to 4:25 a grassy billionaire who wants to find 4:27 common ground on fighting Isis with its 4:30 Russian counterpart it seems like a 4:33 no-brainer to me and it's not like we 4:36 don't know who is responsible for the 4:38 killing in Syria either we do Barack 4:41 Obama and his culture of blood first 4:44 friends in the political establishment 4:45 are entirely responsible 4:48 these are the people who funded armed 4:50 and trained the Salafist maniacs that 4:53 has decimated the country and created 4:55 millions of refugees that are now 4:57 tearing a party you 4:59 that's right the spillover from 5:01 America's not so covert operation is 5:03 ripping the EU to shred it's just 5:06 another unfortunate side effect of 5:08 Obama's bloody Syrian debacle as 5:11 journalists Margaret Kimberly said in a 5:13 recent post at the black agenda report 5:15 all of the casualty the sieges the 5:18 hunger and the frantic search for a 5:20 future can be placed at the Medical feet 5:22 are men so that all the violence can be 5:26 traced back to 1600 Pennsylvania 11 you 5:30 home of the rock sustained Obama Nobel 5:33 Peace Prize winner 5:34 what a joke supporters of Barack Obama 5:38 and liberals in general artist Ingenuus 5:41 floors they have no excuse protesting 5:44 the lights of the a model warmongering 5:46 george w bush sure the racist senator 5:48 Donald J ground however when it comes to 5:52 Barack Obama they can find no reason to 5:55 protect his mass-murdering escapade 5:58 obama supporters were weakly nostalgic 6:01 and teary eyed after he gave his last 6:03 major speeches president of the united 6:05 states yet can find little reason to 6:08 shed tears over the matters of civilians 6:10 who were destroyed directly as a result 6:12 of Obama's policy 6:14 where were the emotions and here's when 6:16 men women and children were getting 6:18 blown to bits by us a drone attacks 6:21 indiscriminate airstrikes and bombs 6:24 those who protested the rate system 6:26 Jennifer public drunk but not to Obama 6:29 or Clinton are nothing more than 15 6:31 generous fraud and a model coward as 6:34 Obama lexus still White House never 6:37 forget his destructive imperialists 6:39 legacy let's be honest 6:42 Obama got the past from his supporters 6:44 strictly because of experiences because 6:47 he looked and sounded like it thoroughly 6:49 reasonable blur to only acted on the 6:51 latvia to principal Obama was hailed as 6:54 a moral giant a political rock star a 6:57 leader among leaders but it was all fake 7:01 all make-up and glyphs behind which 7:03 operated the vicious national security 7:05 state extending its tentacles around the 7:07 world toppling regimes wherever it went 7:10 and leaving an Fe and destruction in its 7:12 wake 7:13 isn't this of armors real legacy when 7:16 you strip away the sweeping hand 7:18 gestures and pumps rhetoric of course it 7:21 is but Trump's won't have that advantage 7:24 will he comforted not a public relations 7:27 invention upon which heartsick liberals 7:29 in their highest hope trumpet trumpet 7:33 warts-and-all the proverbial bull in the 7:35 china shop 7:36 that's not to say trunk wont be allows 7:39 the President judging by the wall street 7:41 cutthroats and hard-edged military menus 7:44 surrounded himself with he probably will 7:47 be but the American people are no longer 7:49 asleep so there's going to be limited to 7:52 what he can help to a key so the 7:54 question is how should one approach the 7:57 trump presidency should we denounce him 7:59 as a fascist before he ever set foot in 8:02 the Oval Office should we deny his 8:04 legitimacy even though he was elected 8:06 via a process we have honored for over 2 8:09 hundred years should we launched 8:11 impeachment proceedings before he's done 8:13 anything that would warrant his removal 8:15 from office the current stranger for 8:18 Democrats and progressives that by 8:20 matching everything that jump seven jobs 8:23 they will further alienate the white 8:25 working-class voters who became his 8:27 basement will push away and he wore 8:29 activity there is a risk that the left 8:32 world trade places with the right on the 8:34 question of war and peace with Democrats 8:37 and progressives associating themselves 8:39 with Hillary Clinton support for endless 8:41 war in the Middle East the political 8:44 machinations of the CIA and a new cold 8:47 war with Russia essentially moving into 8:49 an alliance with the military and 8:51 intelligence industrial complex many 8:55 populace already view the national 8:57 Democrats with elitist disdainful of the 8:59 working class providers of powerful 9:02 three grade field and internationalists 9:05 represented by billionaires that lifts 9:07 the annual Confederate of those 9:08 Switzerland if in a rush to demonize and 9:12 impeach President Trump Democrats and 9:15 addresses solidified support two wars of 9:17 choice in the Middle East a new cold war 9:20 with Russia and the coast i release ism 9:22 they could further alienated many people 9:25 who might otherwise to their allies in 9:28 other words selectivity and opposing and 9:31 criticizing trunk where he rightly 9:33 deserves it rather than opportunism and 9:36 rejecting everything that Trump says 9:38 might make more sense our movement built 9:41 entirely on destroying jump could drop 9:43 Democrats and progressives into some 9:45 politically destructive traps we are 9:49 anonymous

Donald Trump does not care if the poor or sick get to eat or have a home !!!!!! I hate him and all his fake Christians!!!! He leads us all astray like all the leaders of the past except Kennedy !!!!!! Obama and Donald Trump and ALL who are like him will burn in hell Satan is ready to torcher them for all eternity because of the wickedness these men and their supporters spread on the earth in the name of power and money ! I care not for any of them they will suffer the never ending death for what they all have done and keep doing to the innocent .

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  1. trump is becoming a problem, and problems have solutions ..!!!!!


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