Trump's Wall could become Tourist Attraction

 9 Things That COULD Happen if Trump Builds "The Wall"!

 So what exactly would happen if President Donald Trump actually built "The Wall"?! Learn all about the possible effects of a giant wall separating the United States and Mexico!

Here are 9 things that could happen if Trump builds “The wall!” 0:06 9 - The Wall becomes a tourist attraction 0:09 According to Donald Trump, the wall will be at least 35 feet tall and 2,000 miles long. 0:15 That’s not nearly as long as the Great Wall of China, which is 13,000 miles, but it would 0:20 be higher. 0:21 The Great Wall was only 26 feet tall at its highest points, a good 10 feet shorter than 0:25 the Trump Wall. 0:26 And still, it’s one of the great tourist attractions of China. 0:30 Another popular wall- turned-attraction was the Berlin Wall, which was around 12 feet 0:34 tall and ran about 66 miles. 0:37 Anytime you build something so massive, people are going to want to get a look at it. 0:41 Two things that make the Berlin Wall and the Great Wall of China better tourist attractions 0:44 are their accessibility. 0:46 You can walk on the Great Wall, and West Berliners could walk right up to the Berlin Wall and 0:50 paint on it. 0:51 That might not be the case for the Trump wall. 0:54 Americans may be able to get close, but they sure won’t get to walk on it. 0:59 Although, with the cost of maintaining the wall, Customs and Border Protection may start 1:02 offering paid tours. 1:04 In areas like Tijuana the wall will go through urban areas. 1:08 Right now there’s an ugly corrugated metal wall, but a shiny concrete wall might attract 1:13 the kind of artists that decorated the Berlin Wall, maybe on both sides. 1:17 8 - The Wall goes way over budget Trump estimated that the wall would cost anywhere 1:22 4 billion to 12 billion dollars; the numbers keep changing. 1:27 Well, the wall will be 35 feet high and 2,000 miles long. 1:31 Building experts estimate 10 billion dollars for the concrete panels, 5 billion for steel 1:36 columns to hold the panels (including labor) and another 1 billion for concrete footings 1:42 and foundation. 1:43 That’s 16 billion dollars before taking transportation costs into account. 1:48 You also have to build new roads to accommodate trucks hauling concrete and steel to remote 1:53 desert areas. 1:54 Let’s say that costs 2 billion dollars. 1:57 Now add 30 percent for the management costs, engineering, and design. 2:01 That makes 23.4 billion dollars if everything goes according to budget. 2:06 Now, when’s the last time any major government project came anywhere near the budget? 2:12 And that’s just building the wall. 2:14 It also has to be maintained. 2:15 The Congressional budget office estimates the costs of maintaining the wall would exceed 2:20 the building costs in 7 years. 2:23 Oh, and you have to staff it. 2:25 Even with only one person per mile, that takes 2,000 officers per shift - all federal workers 2:31 with pensions and everything. 2:33 Whew. 2:34 7 - The Wall Only Stops Half What do we mean when we stay it only stops 2:39 half? 2:40 Around half of the people that are in the United States illegally came into the country 2:44 through an airport or official border crossing, all perfectly legal. 2:49 They just didn’t leave when their thirty day visa ran out. 2:52 A wall won’t stop these people. 2:55 Obviously, there’s no guarantee that a wall would stop every illegal person coming from 2:59 Mexico either. 3:00 During the Cold War, over 1200 people directly escaped East Germany every year, despite a 3:05 massive wall, shoot to kill orders, and a secret service system keeping tabs on everybody 3:10 and their dog. 3:12 People are pretty ingenious, and if there’s a will, there’s a way. 3:16 The sheer length of the US border will make it hard to control the entire stretch, and 3:20 you can take a short boat trip around either end. 3:24 And there are always tunnels. 3:26 Israel, another wall building nation, has detected at least 30 tunnels under walls in 3:30 its Gaza strip. 3:32 Some of the tunnels have been miles long, 60 feet underground, and big enough to ride 3:37 a motorcycle through. 3:38 Hey, there may be job openings for Palestinian tunnel diggers in Mexico! 3:43 6 - The Wall causes environmental change The Rio Grande river forms the border between 3:48 Mexico and Texas. 3:50 The rest of the border runs over mountains and through New Mexico and Arizona, and even 3:54 a city in California. 3:56 You can’t build a wall in a river or even right next to one, because of erosion and 4:00 shifting soil. 4:02 So you have to move it away from the border, like a lot of the border fences are now. 4:07 An actual wall would stop water from draining into the river, which would cause floods along 4:12 the wall when it rains, and start drying up the river. 4:15 Animals such as pronghorns and jaguars that move back and forth to use the river would 4:20 be forced to come up with different migration patterns. 4:23 When President George W. Bush put up fencing along much of the border, Homeland Security 4:27 had to override over thirty environmental protection statutes to get the job done, including 4:32 the endangered species act and the safe drinking water act. 4:35 And that was just for a fence! 4:38 5 - The Wall makes Smugglers rich Just like the best thing you can do for drug 4:43 cartels is make drugs harder to get and drive up prices, a wall will have the same effect 4:48 on people smugglers, the Coyotes as they’re called, who take money to guide people across 4:52 the border. 4:54 As crossing gets more complex, professionals get more clients. 4:58 Coyotes and drug cartels that profit from desperate would-be migrants are already using 5:02 the wall as a marketing tool, urging people to act now before it’s too late. 5:07 And it’s working. 5:08 Prices are up and still going up, and attempts to cross increased dramatically since the 5:12 election results of 2016. 5:15 But the coyotes know they’ll still have a business after the wall goes up. 5:18 They’ll just be able to charge more, but of course they’ll have to figure out new 5:22 ways to get around the wall. 5:24 4 - Illegal aliens build the wall President Trump should call the Golden State 5:29 Fence Company in Riverside, California. 5:32 That company won a contract to build fences on the US-Mexico border in 2001 and employed 5:37 750 employees at one point. 5:40 They had to change their name to Fenceworks after they were busted several times for hiring 5:44 illegal immigrants - to build fences to keep out illegal immigrants. 5:48 Why do companies in that part of the world hire so many illegal immigrants? 5:51 Simple, they work for less and they’re available. 5:54 The US is going to have a hard time getting enough people to work in in the remote places 5:58 where the wall will go up. 6:00 Most Americans don’t want to relocate to a labor camp in the desert and slave in the 6:05 hot sun for minimum wage, which is exactly what illegal immigrants are used to doing. 6:10 3 - The Wall helps the Mexican economy One of the companies that may really profit 6:15 from the wall is Cemex. 6:16 Cemex is a Mexican cement company, the largest in North and South America, with operations 6:21 on both sides of the border. 6:24 Cemex’s share price jumped 2.6 percent in one day and its stock is up 18 percent since 6:29 news of the wall came out. 6:32 They and their workers stand to make a lot of money on the wall construction, since no 6:36 American company is near their size and wouldn’t be able to provide enough material in the 6:41 time needed to build the wall. 6:43 Grupo Cementos Chihuahua, another Mexican construction company, is putting in bids to 6:48 build the wall, and looks to be very competitive. 6:51 Already, 70 percent of their business is with US construction projects. 6:55 Other businesses that stand to profit are naturally the people smugglers, spray paint 6:59 sellers, ladder makers, and dirt mover companies. 7:03 2 - Mexico doesn’t pay for the wall President Trump has promised that Mexico will 7:07 pay for the wall. 7:08 His plan is to tell Mexico to pay for the wall, and if they don’t, he’s going to 7:12 put a tax on money that Mexican workers in the US send back to their families in Mexico. 7:16 Or, he’s going to raise tariffs on goods coming from Mexico into the United States. 7:22 He says that the US imports more from Mexico than they export, so that would be a good 7:26 way to balance that out. 7:28 Taxing money from Mexican workers and exports means taking money from individual people 7:33 and businesses, and not actually getting the Mexican government to pay for the wall, although 7:37 they’ll ultimately feel the loss. 7:40 But Trump also seems to suggest that Mexico would pay for the wall straight up, just to 7:44 avoid those actions that he’s threatening to do. 7:46 That’s not too likely. 7:49 Mexico has political parties that can’t stand each other, just like in the United 7:52 States, but one thing they do agree on, is that there is no way they’re going to pay 7:56 for a US wall. 7:58 It would be political suicide for any leader in Mexico to agree to such a set-up. 8:03 What about raising border tariffs and stripping away money from workers? 8:07 First of all, Trump can’t raise border tariffs. 8:09 He has to ask Congress to do that. 8:11 Would they? 8:12 Food prices would go up, a lot. 8:14 And if there is one thing Americans agree on, it’s that they like to eat cheap food. 8:19 Congress might not want to go on record for jacking up food prices. 8:21 Plus, a lot of agriculture in Mexico is owned in part by American farm co-ops, who would 8:27 lose out if higher tariffs went into effect. 8:30 Those lobby groups have congressmen on their speed dials, and they will be calling. 8:34 Now, the other point about taking away money sent home to Mexico. 8:39 Most of those payments are made through Western Union, but more and more are starting to go 8:43 through bitcoin and other digital currencies. 8:46 Not only is it cheaper to send money that way, it’s also faster and would be almost 8:50 impossible for the US government to block. 8:53 There’s even a service that lets you send money directly to ATMs in Mexico, where family 8:57 members can get it in pesos. 8:59 This trend will only accelerate if the US puts fees in place. 9:03 If the fees were actually successful in siphoning off money, Mexican workers, many of them legal, 9:09 might just go home, which would be a huge blow to American agriculture, which is completely 9:14 dependent on Mexican labor. 9:15 Uh oh. 9:16 Food just got even more expensive. 9:18 1 - The wall never gets finished Right now, President Trump is pushing the 9:23 wall, but big projects like that take time to get started. 9:26 There’ll be an awful lot of planning involved, contracts to draw up, roads to build, people 9:31 to hire, and so on. 9:32 Bottom line - it’s going to take a while to get started and quite a while to finish. 9:37 It took over thirty years to complete the first coast to coast interstate highway - I 9:42 80 from California to New Jersey, and that was flat. 9:44 Of course, if the wall is a top priority it will go faster, but it won’t get finished 9:48 in four years. 9:50 If Trump can stay in office that long, he better get re-elected, or whoever comes after 9:54 him will likely but the kibosh on the wall. 9:57 That would leave an interesting, half-completed ruin, like a pyramid standing in the desert. 10:02 Although nowhere near as amazing. 10:15 Here’s what’s next!

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