The Truth About the Berkeley Riot (2-2-17)

The mainstream left is tacitly supporting a fascist group that is committing terrorism to crush civil rights in the U.S.

the mainstream left is tacitly 0:07 supporting a fascist group that is 0:09 committing terrorism to crush civil 0:12 rights in the United States let that 0:14 sink just making my being here i think 0:33 the protesters are doing the same and 0:34 drops it on for the ones who are doing 0:36 and non-violently but i think that's a 0:37 very rare thing indeed 0:55 this is how they reacted to the beating 0:59 the pepper spraying of women and the 1:01 violent rioting at UC Berkeley last 1:04 night speed right-hander is right makin 1:10 Island happening badly and he's been 1:13 around going all right so a gay man 1:16 giving a talk about offensive halloween 1:18 costumes vs violent rioters attacking 1:21 women with pepper spray and flagpoles 1:24 and you're saying Milo is the 1:26 unreasonable one 1:27 MSNBC producer Kyle Griffin continuing 1:30 pulling federal funds from they can get 1:32 about broker we're doing people with 1:37 wooden poles because they have a 1:38 different opinion to you isn't a protest 1:42 you off track 1:44 that's violent assault google engineer 1:46 and reimport felt like trying to donate 1:55 because there's just not enough money to 1:56 fund vicious attacks on people for 1:58 exercising their free speech rights is 2:01 their the mayor of Berkeley kind of 2:04 magazine welcoming community but using 2:10 fists the flagpoles & pepper spray to 2:12 silence speech that's tolerant and 2:15 liberal Hollywood director Judd Apatow 2:17 is just the beginning were meaning she 2:21 was still supporting Trump realize what 2:23 we've realized that Judge we realize 2:27 what's at stake 2:28 you want to threaten 55 million American 2:32 gun owners with civil war 2:34 yeah good luck with that you fucking 2:36 cretinous on this is one of the 2:38 organizers events locker 2:40 she claimed Milo's free speech was 2:42 raping and killing to really fight with 2:45 you check the power backpack 2:50 who's to blame for inciting this may 2:55 head Time magazine for legitimizing 2:58 violent riots during Ferguson Newsweek 3:00 for celebrating the attack on Richard 3:02 Spencer the nation for romanticizing the 3:05 attack on Richard Spencer regressive 3:07 leftist like misery Malika say violence 3:10 against Trump supporters should be 3:11 tolerated regressive less this like 3:14 india night and the deluge of other 3:16 journalists who called for joked about 3:18 Trump being assassinated george soros 3:21 financier of domestic terrorism arrest 3:25 him and confiscate his wealth 3:28 let's put this in perspective the last 3:30 is more outraged about Trump Supreme 3:32 Court pic calling his high school club 3:35 fascism forever as a joke back in the 3:39 eighties when they are about actual 3:41 fascist viciously beating innocent 3:44 people 3:45 oh yeah and good job and tifa so instead 3:48 of a speech to 200 people you gave Milo 3:51 and his message a national media 3:53 platform to reach millions of people 3:57 well done idiot let's be clear though 3:59 and teacher doesn't care how many times 4:01 you insult them they don't care that 4:03 they loathed by the vast majority of 4:05 Americans this is not about attracting 4:07 support 4:08 it's about intimidating people out of 4:10 exercising their First Amendment right 4:13 to attend a mile event these people are 4:16 flashes and people also knows that it 4:19 can rely on the mainstream media to 4:21 report the fake news that this was a 4:23 protest it wasn't a protest it was a 4:26 violent riot but the media will continue 4:29 to report that it was a protest because 4:31 it fits into their k of narrative the 4:34 media will never acknowledge that this 4:36 was a violent riot because they want to 4:38 maintain the chaos narrative that the 4:40 Trump administration is illegitimate 4:42 permanently in crisis and unstable in 4:45 reality the only thing that is 4:47 illegitimate is the protest because 4:50 they're not protest their violent riots 4:53 and have no place in a civil society 4:55 when all you have left is violence 4:58 you've lost the argument for years the 5:00 left compensated for having no argument 5:03 by calling us racists and bigots 5:04 Islamophobes a misogynist and for many 5:07 years 5:08 it worked now it no longer work so what 5:11 do they have left intimidation buggery 5:14 and domestic terror 5:16 this is why Trump won this is Trump's 5:20 campaign at for the twenty20 election 5:23 this is the new left fascism has 5:26 returned under the guise of liberalism 5:30 click the link below to subscribe to the 5:41 channel for more breaking news

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