The 4 Waves of Depopulation

Freeing America One Enslaved Mind At A Time

we are freeing 0:20 America one enslaved mind at a time I've 0:25 said it before and I'm going to say it 0:27 again with more conviction the planet is 0:30 changing and the planet is changing 0:32 dramatically and it's not changing 0:35 because of you know climate change co2 0:38 if you really break down the numbers and 0:41 look at you know what we could do if we 0:42 captured all co2 and stop tell co2 0:45 production we would change the situation 0:48 involving the gases in our atmosphere 0:51 that are supposedly recognize planet 0:53 which I don't believe for a second that 0:55 are effect would be less than 1% point 0:57 one three percent to be exact 0:59 look forget climate change let's just 1:02 talk about what's happening when I have 1:05 sponsored foreign exchange students from 1:07 Russia Germany Belgium France Great 1:11 Britain their teachers and their 1:13 professors are telling them all the same 1:15 thing there's coming a time soon when 1:19 Europe is going to have to relocate 1:21 Africa why because an ice age is coming 1:24 could be a mini ice age could be a major 1:25 ice age I think a major ice age is 1:28 coming and we're going to see it 1:30 sometime in the next century 1:32 why well some of its man-made when we 1:36 had the gulf oil spill and quote we used 1:39 corrects it and he corrects it basically 1:43 submerges the water 1:45 excuse me the oxygen in the water column 1:47 and everything dies and the current for 1:51 the Gulf has all but stopped and it has 1:55 stopped the mitigating effects it has on 1:57 weather coming out of the north and it 1:59 keeps Europe temperate allows for 2:01 farming and of course Russia has 2:04 experienced as we know in the last five 2:06 years for of the worst winters in their 2:08 history and we're looking at the gold 2:10 foil stream not doing their jobs not 2:13 doing its job then we go across on the 2:16 other side of the planet look at 2:17 Fukushima the Pacific is on its way to 2:20 being a dead zone 2:21 can I don't think we're really far 2:22 behind myself because the radiation 2:24 factors are increasing 2:25 here in the United States unless you're 2:27 on iodine and that doesn't work 2:29 indefinitely 2:30 you're going to be prone to radiation 2:33 kinds of effects like we're already 2:34 seeing a spike in cancer and leukemia 2:37 and I think it's related to what we're 2:39 breathing in particularly in the West 2:40 it's affecting our food supply 2:43 well the correct that we used in the 2:46 Gulf is affecting our food supplies in 2:47 the transpiration cycle range back down 2:49 on the crops this stuff is highly toxic 2:51 it's highly poisonous the use of 2:53 correction was banned in 17 countries 2:55 but we used it anyway 2:56 fukushima the gulf oil spill major 3:02 transformation of our planet but that's 3:04 not where it's not i think the greatest 3:05 transgression is happening in these guys 3:08 and I want to know why Donald Trump 3:10 hasn't stopped him trailing and this is 3:13 a public call right now and I want all 3:15 of you to join me in contact 3:16 3:17 Kentrell he needs to stop barium 3:20 aluminum early-onset dementia 3:22 Alzheimer's disease 3:24 these things are skyrocketing and the 3:27 reason they are skyrocketing is because 3:30 these chemicals are being thrust upon us 3:31 we had chem trails here in the Phoenix 3:33 area like I've never seen before two 3:35 days ago what's going on in your 3:37 community 3:38 I can't believe Donald Trump is allowing 3:41 this to continue 3:42 we may not build a control what's 3:45 happening with Fukushima we can't 3:47 control what's happening with the gold 3:48 foil stream and what's going to happen 3:50 to Europe as a result but we sure that 3:52 can control the cam trilling the cam 3:54 trailing has produced eighteen percent 3:56 less sunlight this means lower crop 3:59 yield it means worse health for your 4:02 body because you need son you need 4:04 vitamin D or in big trouble folks I'm 4:08 telling you this is intentional 4:11 this reminds me of the movie arrival not 4:14 the recent movie but the first release 4:15 in 1997 starting Charlie Sheen back 4:18 before he was all coked out and in that 4:21 movie aliens came the planet can change 4:24 our life conditions our atmosphere to 4:28 wear eventually become extinct and they 4:29 would take over because they were taking 4:31 over from a perspective that they're the 4:35 new atmosphere would be more conducive 4:36 to their form of life i don't think it 4:40 has anything to do with aliens but i 4:43 think it has to do with a global study 4:44 population plotting Fukushima chemtrails 4:48 gulf oil spill oil stream these are the 4:52 big three 4:53 there's more there's more this 4:55 degradation of our food supply mean I 4:57 could go on and on and on with Monsanto 4:58 the Terminator seen how the infestation 5:01 of GMOs has gotten into our food supply 5:04 how unhealthy it is for us and how we 5:06 don't have the right to have labeled on 5:08 so we can avoid this poison so there's 5:11 four we're being murdered 5:14 we're being murdered systematically and 5:17 slowly one step at a time 5:19 now forget the first three-game trailing 5:22 ok 10 toil phatman the general at 5:24 material maybe maybe meet is gold foil 5:28 stream wrong scientific interpretation 5:30 there is no radiation in dead life and 5:33 dead zone and the Pacific as a result of 5:35 Fukushima ok but how about GMOs this is 5:41 undeniable the effect that that's having 5:43 and what the effect is on help and if 5:45 you're unfamiliar with i'm talking about 5:46 go to the seralini study on youtube only 5:50 research i know that's been done on GMOs 5:52 where they raised rats on GMOs by the 5:54 time they reach puberty the rats were 5:57 drugged dragging along tumors on the 5:58 ground that work is big as they were 6:01 this is what we're doing to ourselves 6:04 you don't call this depopulation i 6:07 called the population 6:09 well that's it for the Red List news 6:11 thank you for joining us don't forget we 6:12 have a great great great great show for 6:14 you sunday evening sunday evenings after 6:17 boy the fifth doug hagmann monocles 6:20 Lasky Penn State Department and we're 6:22 going to talk about government 6:23 corruption second to our Steve Quayle 6:26 and we're going to be talking about lies 6:28 under the ice in Antarctica home 6:30 playboy's is going to be really remember 6:34 we were brought to you by the amount of 6:35 foods check us out indicom forward slash 6:37 Hodges and why you're here don't forget 6:39 to subscribe and don't forget to Like us 6:40 thanks for joining us

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