Red Alert : Trump Readies Massive Drone Strikes On Mexico

 A grim new Security Council (SC) report circulating in the Kremlin states that elite “Shadow Government” globalist forces battling against Freemason leader President Donald Trump are now uniting their “Forces of D[e]ath”—and that America’s new Commander-In-Chief is responding to by preparing to launch massive dr[o]ne strikes on the “failed state” of Mexico.

Transcript : februari 10 2017 properties massive 0:04 drone strikes on Mexico as forces of 0:07 death against him unite a grim news 0:09 Security Council SC reports circulating 0:13 in the Kremlin states that elite shadow 0:15 government globalist forces battling 0:17 against freemason leader president 0:19 donald trump are now uniting their 0:22 forces of death and that America's new 0:24 commander-in-chief is responding to buy 0:26 preparing to launch massive drone 0:28 strikes on the field state of Mexico 0:30 according to this report for the first 0:33 time in this historic war between 0:35 freemason forces and their Vatican 0:37 adversaries whose last emergence in the 0:40 late seventeenth and early eighteen 0:42 centuries Saudis freemason forces 0:45 destroy the power of European monarchies 0:48 and catholic church through both the 0:50 American and French Revolutions and 0:52 establish a new world order the American 0:54 mainstream fake news media is openly 0:57 siding with the Satanic Jesuit forces 0:59 loyal to Pope Francis of evidence by The 1:02 Washington Post cheering the pond of 1:04 destruction of the nine hundred year-old 1:06 Knights of Malta for their supporting of 1:08 freemason leader president drum with the 1:11 radical leftist but mainstream the 1:14 washington post warning that Pope 1:16 Francis is on a collision course with 1:18 what they call the Trump man and white 1:20 house this report continues this fake 1:23 news organization began a public 1:25 smearing yesterday of the reputation of 1:27 American Knights of Malta leader 1:29 Cardinal Raymond Burke by shockingly 1:31 calling him Cardinal Raymond Breitbart 1:34 Burke and who was deposed by the 1:36 pontiff's for his daring to state that 1:38 capitulating to Islam would be the death 1:40 of Christianity equally as shocking of 1:43 this freemason shadow government second 1:45 were now going public 1:47 this report notes is that one of the 1:49 world's most feared genocided monsters 1:52 named Paul eric has joined the forces of 1:55 death against freemason leader president 1:57 Trump by proclaiming that he is thrilled 1:59 by what Pope Francis is doing and who 2:02 for those not knowing is the undisputed 2:04 father of the modern pro-abortion 2:07 population control movement whose God is 2:09 the founding profit of modern and 2:11 humanism 2:13 the smallest in quick retaliation 2:15 against these forces of death seeking to 2:18 destroy him 2:19 however this report says freemason 2:22 leader president Trump just hours after 2:24 the washington post published their 2:26 declaration of war against him with 2:29 their siding with the Vatican signed the 2:31 chilling document titled presidential 2:33 executive order on enforcing federal law 2:36 with respect to transnational criminal 2:38 organizations and preventing 2:40 international trafficking not being 2:42 understood by the American people about 2:45 this executive order signed by freemason 2:47 leader president drum and their 2:49 mainstream fake news media not telling 2:52 them either is that joins organized 2:54 crime Drug Enforcement Task Forces 2:57 Rockets Special Operations Division 3:00 forces with those of the Pentagon whose 3:02 u.s. military forces are already 3:04 deployed in Mexico and waging battle 3:07 against the drug cartels this executive 3:10 order also this report explains 3:13 activates the octet fusion center and 3:17 you know paso Intelligence Center epic 3:19 has begun cooperation with their US 3:22 military counterparts at Arizona's Luke 3:24 Air Force Base who's Hellfire missile 3:27 armed drones are preparing to strike 3:29 with fury the mexican drug cartels who 3:31 with vatican and shadow government aid 3:34 have threatened to assassinate freemason 3:37 reader president drum also being 3:39 deliberately kept from the American 3:41 people about what is now occurring this 3:44 report continues is not shortly before 3:47 the obama regime took power in 2009 the 3:50 United States Joint Forces Command who 3:54 is charged with anticipating global 3:56 threats to the US issued a grave report 3:59 titled joint operating environment 2008 4:02 that names pakistan and Mexico as the 4:05 nations whose governments are most 4:07 likely to undergo what it termed rapid 4:09 collapse failing to act on this grave US 4:13 military warning about Mexico being 4:15 completely being taken over by drug 4:17 cartels 4:18 however this report details the obama 4:22 regime did nothing and instead stood by 4:25 during its entire 4:26 your reign over America as the deaths in 4:28 Mexico skyrocketed to nearly 500,000 4:32 with associated drug and gang violence 4:34 deaths in the u.s. likewise now being 4:38 recorded in the hundreds of thousands as 4:41 to why the obama regime failed to stop 4:43 this wholesale Mexican carnage this 4:46 report explains was revealed in 2007 4:49 when a Gulfstream to jet aircraft hash 4:52 and 987 Seth used by the CIA to 4:56 transport rendition prisoners from 4:58 Europe to America to Guantanamo Bay Cuba 5:01 crash-landed in Mexico and was found to 5:04 be carrying over 4 tons of cocaine and 5:07 that by 2014 when the FBI zeroed in on 5:11 the high-ranking US officials who ran 5:13 this drug smuggling operation these FBI 5:16 investigators were not only blocked from 5:19 doing so but were stunningly thrown out 5:21 of US Justice Department's drug task 5:24 force office entirely unbeknownst to 5:27 anyone in the obama regime though this 5:30 report continues was that secret US 5:33 intelligence operative named Harold 5:35 Martin three who will go down in history 5:37 as America's most prolific private spy 5:40 not only had evidence about the CIA's 5:43 drug-running but all other crimes 5:46 committed by the Obama Clinton Bush 5:48 regimes and that instead of his standing 5:50 by while all of it was destroyed took to 5:53 his home what is now described as 5:55 breathtaking quantities of top-secret 5:57 information with private spy Harold 6:00 Martin three refusing to cooperate with 6:03 the obama regime since his August 27th 6:06 2016 arrest this report further notes 6:09 upon freemason leader president Trump 6:12 baking power he began to reveal all of 6:14 the secrets he knew and who has been 6:16 rewarded yesterday by Trump's US Justice 6:20 Department officials only charging him 6:22 with medium crimes instead of treason 6:25 and that he will most likely serve in 6:27 modest detention as a mentally ill order 6:30 this report concludes in the most 6:32 bizarre manner due to a federal security 6:35 service FSB addendum attacks to it 6:38 written by their religious cult expert 6:40 it's describing the factional duality 6:42 warning messages of an American film 6:44 named Jackie about the life of the 6:47 assassinated president john f kennedy 6:49 and the Russian science fiction 6:51 blockbuster movie attraction about a UFO 6:54 crashing in Moscow and how they are both 6:56 related to the surprise announcement 6:58 this past week that the entire Russian 7:01 naval baltic fleet is being sent to 7:03 Antarctica a massive military presence 7:06 in this region not seen since shortly 7:08 after World War two when the mysterious 7:11 american-led operation Highjump occurred 7:13 leading to catastrophic losses of life 7:16 though not contained in this report the 7:19 best understanding one can have this FSB 7:21 addendum relates to the secrets 7:23 discovered by russian soviet 7:25 intelligence operatives after World War 7:27 Two through their examination of Nazi 7:30 Germany knockout magic practices most 7:33 particularly ethereal time that FSB 7:35 experts suggest have led to the pre 7:37 knowledge of numerous historical 7:39 tragedies including the 1898 book titled 7:43 futility that predicted the sinking of 7:45 the Titanic 14 years before it secured 7:48 and most recently the American lone 7:51 gunman television series that correctly 7:53 predicted the sep tember 11 2001 911 7:57 attacks on America six months prior to 8:00 executing too 8:02 what

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