PULL OUT NOW: Mexico Law SEIZES $ Billions from US Assets if WALL Built or NAFTA Cancelled!

Transcript : next week introduced legislation to see 0:12 a hundred billion dollars in US company 0:15 or individual own athens if President 0:18 Trump build the wall or cancelled the 0:21 NAFTA agreement Mexico introducing 0:24 legislation in a remarkable display of 0:27 third world values kind of Mexico's 0:30 considering seizing that is stealing a 0:33 hundred billion dollars in US corporate 0:35 or individually old assets if President 0:38 truck build a border wall or interest 0:41 from after agreement which means the 0:44 u.s. may have to invade Mexico again 0:45 Mexican president Enrique Pena Nieto 0:49 said he wants to work collaboratively 0:53 with President Trump thing hasn't 0:56 commented on the wall publicly since the 0:59 u.s. election but his former Foreign 1:02 Secretary claudia ruiz mass years we 1:06 place on january fourth 2016 has quote 1:10 just we've been very clear the second 1:13 Mexico will never consider paying for a 1:14 wall and quote that's what she told PBS 1:17 Newshour release was replaced by former 1:22 finance secretary de vida gaaray he 1:26 resigned a week after Trump visited 1:29 Mexico City last summer as if that was 1:31 widely criticized in Mexico the gary was 1:34 instrumental in duration comes to visit 1:37 Miriam birth grimmspeed is an attorney 1:41 for her decided to the mexican centered 1:43 on energy international law legislation 1:45 has been proposed to mexican Senate that 1:48 bans the use of public funds on any 1:50 project that is against the country's 1:52 interests clinical that's why they taken 1:55 to mean the Trump wall first thing said 1:59 just because of you know tantrums 2:02 literally wasted opportunity of uniting 2:04 the proposed Mexican legislation would 2:07 lead to review of the most fundamental 2:09 trees between 2:10 two countries among them the 1848 3d of 2:14 wire loop the treaty seated Texas and 2:18 California as well as part of Arizona 2:21 Colorado New Mexico Nevada Utah and 2:24 Wyoming to the United States Justice a 2:26 tremendous amount of territory 2:28 the bill also states quote in cases 2:31 where the assets of our fellow citizens 2:33 our companies are affected by foreign 2:36 government as Donald Trump has 2:38 threatened the mexican government should 2:40 proportionately extrait assets and 2:44 properties of foreigners from that 2:45 country on our territory translated that 2:50 means that should try to follow 2:51 throughout threats to expand the wall 2:53 withdraw us participation in master or 2:56 stock remittances to Mexico Mexico to 3:00 target us assets in Mexico those assets 3:03 are estimated by the office of the US 3:04 Trade Representative to amount to over a 3:07 hundred billion dollars 3:09 Ignatz Yoda morale doesn't believe it 3:13 will ever come to this 3:14 he's provided the federal government's 3:16 economic development plans in the state 3:18 of Veracruz he says it will take years 3:21 longer than he'd be President to build a 3:24 wall there will be a wall and called the 3:26 city says Spanish even senior US 3:30 politicians have cast degree of down the 3:32 idea Paul as our texas republican 3:37 congressional revisited pete sessions 3:38 says the wall is an analogy for fences 3:42 and drones but in Mexico the walls part 3:45 of the suit of political and economic 3:47 strengths against mexico just abrego is 3:50 a hedge fund manager mexico city said 3:53 Mexico's worried after the u.s. 3:56 elections exist it's shaking the 3:58 confidence here in the country from an 3:59 economic standpoint right to its 4:01 foundation and to its core 4:04 so that's what the Bible said he says 4:06 Mexico is shaking because of what could 4:08 happen between the u.s. and Mexico as 4:11 far as trading is concerned the wall has 4:14 become a staple on the country's top 4:16 shields week our dentist told his 4:19 audience 4:20 mvs radio that not all Americans are 4:22 like-minded he says it's not the entire 4:25 us at once the wall is just a part of us 4:27 what the wall 4:29 why would be the major parts at once 4:31 that well but mexicans are bracing for 4:33 some form of this campaign pledge coming 4:36 through a man who entered the US 4:38 illegally before returning as a higher 4:41 on Oh said 12 with Mexican wants to the 4:44 wall built and that's organized crime 4:48 I relentless in Spanish more power to 4:51 the Mafia's security analyst Alejandro 4:54 hope said an extended wall likely more 4:58 bloodshed in Mexico with organized crime 5:00 fighting to control the smuggling routes 5:02 into the United States put the remaining 5:05 rooms for the trafficking will become 5:07 far more valuable and that problem is 5:10 more confident for the Mexican side and 5:13 cook that's what helped said hope has 5:15 good contacts in the Mexican 5:16 intelligence community service on former 5:20 president incentive foxes transition 5:22 team if the wall is substantially 5:26 expanded hope a former senior 5:29 intelligence analyst at mythical 5:30 civilian intelligence agency he said 5:32 that he believed it will also slow 5:35 cooperation with the US on existing 5:36 Arrangements on border security and 5:39 immigration superstation at 95 asked 5:45 sources of the Pentagon and the State 5:47 Department about this involved seem used 5:50 one Pentagon official said who asked to 5:53 remain anonymous because he is not 5:55 authorized to speak publicly about sit 5:57 close we can invade and conquer all 5:59 mexican listen month a lot faster than 6:01 it took the last time you dated them and 6:03 cool after the US State Department they 6:07 were uncharacteristically blood and not 6:09 diplomatic at all 6:10 one source of State Department's it 6:13 quote this shows how foolish it was for 6:16 American corporations to everyone 6:18 consider moving operations to Mexico 6:20 companies are strong advice to 6:22 immediately begin removing assets from 6:24 that country because the wall will be 6:26 built an app that will be renegotiated 6:29 or even cancelled and cooked when told 6:34 of these developments by superstation 6:35 besides financial gurus in new york city 6:38 from Goldman Sachs JP Morgan Citigroup 6:41 all of who demanded absolute anonymity 6:43 as a condition speaking said this is 6:46 nothing short of a complete disaster 6:47 financial markets cold we and everyone 6:51 else in the US have to pull all our 6:54 messages out of Mexico immediately for 6:56 fear they will try to expropriate them 6:58 money is going to sleep from Mexico 7:00 still fast asleep they'll be lucky to 7:02 have a country left when it's done by 7:05 even daring to suggest such of things 7:07 the mexican government has literally 7:09 destroyed itself in one day they just 7:11 don't realize it yet before an old or 7:14 foreigner all of the currency amount 7:17 account the mexican government just put 7:19 them on notice they're accounted be 7:21 extrapolated the peso will set off to 7:24 dirt very best and quote so that's it 7:28 anybody who have their money in Mexico 7:30 has corporations with assets in Mexico 7:33 get out there assesses you can this is 7:36 on my daily informer

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