Jim Fetzer - War Talk… What's Going On?

Jeff Rense And Jim Fetzer - War Talk… What's Going On? Clip from February 06, 2017

James that you're standing by 0:02 Jim are you there i am jeff i am and i'm 0:05 simply appalled by the latest 0:07 development i am appalled with you my 0:10 friend and I think a lot of our 0:11 listeners will share that view 0:13 let me just read for all of you in case 0:15 you missed some of the headlines address 0:18 right now that you really should be 0:19 looking at and if you don't read the 0:21 story fine just read the headlines i 0:23 write them in such a way that you can 0:24 get an idea by just reading the 0:27 headlines all right 0:28 Iran vital role in combating terrorism 0:33 true words Russia and Iran in Syria made 0:38 the difference 0:39 the Iranians nothing to do with funding 0:42 terrorism we can say the same as 0:44 Americans we created Isis with the 0:47 Israelis we funded them and are still 0:49 sending them support Israeli Prime 0:53 Minister Netanyahu calls for a united 0:55 front against Iran's aggression 0:59 translation another war for Israel I BB 1:04 urges us and UK to confront Iran war for 1:09 Israel Iran has total disregard for the 1:13 United States said President Donald 1:16 Trump sounding very much like an Israeli 1:20 asset Iran is number one in the 1:24 terrorist State sweepstakes says fading 1:27 Trump promises more sanctions against 1:30 iran iran iran and the next story 1:34 Trump's disturbing dangerous hostility 1:37 toward Iran next story has Trump who ran 1:41 on the anti-war platform already sold 1:45 out to the warmongers next one Trump's 1:48 military plans could send cobalt prices 1:51 sky-high you know what cobalt is for 1:54 meanwhile Russia Sergei Lavrov said Iran 1:58 has never been seen to have any ties 2:02 with any terror groups and he's telling 2:04 the truth 2:05 Russia's 2:07 he disagrees with Trump on Iran what 2:10 does have me and let me translate that 2:11 what that does Donald Trump and whoever 2:15 is controlling him is now putting Iran 2:18 between the United States and Russia 2:21 clearly where we could have peace and 2:24 prosperity and good times we now have 2:26 conflict Vladimir Putin will have to 2:29 choose if it comes to a war who he will 2:32 support will he support the Iranians 2:34 with whom he is obviously as a head of 2:36 state very close to and very much 2:39 impressed with after their their work in 2:42 Syria which was extraordinary 2:43 or will he choose the west and turn his 2:46 back on Iran 2:47 I don't think the latter is going to 2:49 happen 2:50 here's one more for you china protest to 2:53 trump and the US / Iranian sanctions now 2:57 let's go back rewind nine months Steve 3:01 then and said nine months ago we are 3:04 going to war in the south china sea 3:07 count on it 3:08 that's a quote so you have iran you have 3:12 China being threatened you have but the 3:15 idiot nikki Haley and I hope she's 3:18 reading a script that somebody wrote 3:19 condemning Vladimir Putin for all the 3:22 trouble in Ukraine we caused the trouble 3:25 in Ukraine we and Victoria Nuland and 3:27 five billion dollars now stood 3:30 Yanukovych they duly elected head of 3:32 state its hasta did it and nikki is 3:36 turning it all around so if she's doing 3:38 an accurate job as Trump's the United 3:41 Nations spokeswoman if thats Trump's 3:44 official policy it's big trouble 3:47 alright i'm not going to go on it can go 3:49 on for half an hour but Jim these these 3:51 stories are not being picked up and then 3:54 propagated as they should be 3:56 these are huge stories when you threaten 3:59 China when you threaten Russia when you 4:01 threaten Iran when you threaten North 4:03 Korea which by this time next year we'll 4:05 have fully functional and capable ICBM 4:08 and all he has to do is load up some 4:10 cobalt and have 4:11 good white body enormous areas of this 4:13 country 4:14 I you've got problems and we're just not 4:17 hearing about it how's it look to you 4:20 well I was simply stunned when general 4:24 mattis as Secretary of Defense said that 4:27 Iran was a single biggest state sponsor 4:30 of terrorism which is completely absurd 4:32 Israel is probably number one Saudi 4:35 Arabia maybe number two but the u.s. is 4:38 giving it a competition that mean Iraq 4:41 Iran would be 50 or worse randy has a 4:45 launch an aggressive war since 1775 Jeff 4:49 at right you know the ignorance here of 4:52 history's is is simply studying i mean 4:55 most Americans acquaintance with Iran 4:57 occurred with the taking of the American 5:00 Embassy in 1979 during the public that 5:04 the People's Revolution restore the 5:06 Islamic Republic of Iran to take it back 5:09 from the show-off would installed a 5:11 public by the United States after 5:13 engineering of CIA coup in 1953 by 5:17 kermit roosevelt who is a constant of 5:19 Teddy I mean this was the first CIA 5:21 overthrow of the regime and oh that 5:24 which there have been at least 80 is it 5:27 subsequently and where I believe one is 5:30 that being attempted undertaking right 5:32 here in the United States today I don't 5:36 really know how Trump backers and I'm 5:41 one of them can ignore this this is 5:44 clearly a path toward open confrontation 5:48 which could easily lead to military 5:51 action easily as it has Donald Trump 5:54 withdrawn one single American soldier or 5:58 one tank from Europe in the two what two 6:01 weeks now he's been in office has he 6:04 even said anything about it 6:06 No in point of fact yesterday I ran a 6:09 story that more American troops and more 6:12 tanks are being sent into Poland to be 6:15 dispersed from there up and down the 6:18 Russian border and Eastern Europe what 6:20 is going on here 6:22 he's doing the same thing obama did 6:24 and adding more men over there he's not 6:27 talking about withdrawing American 6:28 troops from any of the 170 countries 6:31 there in bringing them home put in the 6:33 work here 6:34 he's not doing that at all I so I don't 6:37 know what the deal is but when you look 6:40 at Bibi Netanyahu and what he is saying 6:42 it doesn't appear to me that he is a man 6:45 who was fully confident in his ability 6:48 and their ability to control the actions 6:51 and behavior of Donald Trump I don't 6:54 know how to read it i don't i wish i 6:55 could tell you something else that 6:57 talented as you it as you know a Barack 7:00 Obama said 3600 tanks into Europe as one 7:05 of his last acts we got a lunatic firing 7:10 those tanks as a message to Russia a 7:12 general Hodges ooh 7:15 in my opinion Trump off to of relieved 7:17 of command forthwith 7:19 what are the only alternatives that 7:22 don't seem to be well that may require 7:25 consideration as possible mitigating 7:28 factors is whether he's still trying to 7:30 win senate confirmation for nominees 7:32 where he's seeking to have them savings 7:36 that that will pacify senators like 7:38 McCain and Graham whoever worthless 7:41 dribble on the one hand or whether he's 7:45 performing what you find in the art of 7:47 the deal 7:48 opening bid and negotiation to be very 7:50 aggressive far beyond reasonable and 7:53 then that's the counter partly negotiate 7:55 back to what you actually wanted in the 7:57 first place but what it can pull this 7:59 off and foreign affairs as he could have 8:01 business as a whole nother question I am 8:03 frankly a but Jeff I think there's a 8:06 joker at play here because it is my you 8:09 believe that array of Russia and China 8:12 have entered into a mutual defense 8:15 treaty analogous to NATO call it the 8:18 national defense treaty organization 8:20 where the attack on one will be treated 8:22 as an attack on all right and it simply 8:25 hasn't been publicly declared and I say 8:28 the time has come to the corner 8:30 well I i concur 100-percent 8:35 we really I I don't what you said about 8:40 the art of the deal and and Donald Trump 8:43 this is not a boardroom in in meetings 8:46 of corporate CEO head this is 8:49 international foreign relations 8:51 this is foreign policy people may not 8:55 get the art of the deal 8:57 this is not good china can turn Kim blue 9:02 said anytime they can invade Taiwan at 9:05 any time and I understand in the I think 9:09 it was a time in London today the 9:11 American government backed away from rex 9:13 tillerson his remarks that he was going 9:15 to prevent or we would prevent the 9:17 Communist Chinese from building anymore 9:19 artificial islands and international 9:21 waters in the south and east china seas 9:24 and we're also going to prevent them 9:25 from access to their islands that they 9:28 built 9:29 I mean this was nuts supposedly today 9:31 the u.s. quietly back that policy up 9:35 some so I don't know but that's what we 9:38 we provoked japan's to attack is that 9:41 pearl harbor by your cutting off their 9:44 access to oil in the South Pacific jobs 9:47 and we have this absurdity in the oven 9:50 where the claim is that the Luthi who 9:52 are struggling to regain a democratic 9:56 government against a tyrannical 9:58 administration are being accused of a 10:01 attempted to fire an American ship 10:03 shades of the gulf of tonkin outdoor bar 10:07 we supposed to be and it looks as though 10:09 d Intel that troubles getting about a 10:12 rayon maybe through this a woman child 10:15 that secretary transportation who's the 10:18 wife of of uh oh yeah you know what you 10:23 gave a five-minute speech cabbie have 10:25 slides this everyday that claims to be 10:27 on the Iranian government in exile live 10:30 in shades of a reality of the Iraq are 10:34 all posited by the past year and it's 10:36 bizarre 10:38 it is are you talking to anyone else who 10:40 who understands that like like we do and 10:43 we 10:44 oh and when I claiming to be the only 10:45 ones but I are people getting it the 10:48 Trump and the people he has appointed 10:50 including Flynn who also attacked 10:53 verbally Iran no one is talking piece 10:57 here and nothing is being withdrawn from 11:00 Europe 11:01 I don't get it come on mr. Trump if 11:03 you're a man of peace and for peace get 11:06 the Americans out of Europe NATO can 11:09 cause all the trouble they want by 11:10 themselves we don't have to have 11:12 American men and women over there 11:14 what's the deal Jeff he was elected the 11:17 end wars in the Middle East not to start 11:19 middle ones that this is a complete 11:22 betrayal I feel emotionally somewhat 11:26 analogous to what woman who has been 11:28 sexually violated must feel I mean this 11:31 is that to me a complete political 11:33 betrayal 11:35 I've got all out for trouble getting in 11:38 this position because i believe he was 11:40 going to end the wars get rid of the TPP 11:43 impose our borders he's done two out of 11:46 the three but the one where he seems to 11:48 be way out on a limb is going full-bore 11:52 forward into a great calamity or 11:55 involved more important of the three 11:58 yeah i'm not i'm not sure what are you 12:00 hearing on you do an awful lot of radio 12:03 what are you hearing on other other talk 12:06 programs are the host do they get it are 12:09 the colors to the do they get it 12:11 this is not a game this is not the art 12:14 of the deal that this is really 12:16 threatening war is what it is 12:19 well look more significant Jeff I don't 12:21 think the United States Senate gets it I 12:24 i have not got blue in the face explain 12:27 to the bolt of that are around was not 12:30 developing nuclear weapons field that 12:33 this was one of the good things that 12:34 obama did that all 16 of our Intel 12:37 agencies concluded already 2007 around 12:40 advantage of the ambitions for nuclear 12:43 weapons in 2003 even the most sought 12:46 agreed in 2012 and that these sanctions 12:49 the cited 12:50 jim has said is crucial even the Mossad 12:53 agreed in 2012 the Iranians are so smart 12:57 they know that nuclear weapons would be 12:59 a great liability and they don't need 13:01 them 13:02 go ahead and you're just going to say 13:03 something I saw a hundred percent 13:04 collect it and they continue you know 13:07 Netanyahu continues to push this line 13:09 about Iran wanted to face uh Israel from 13:14 from the earth but that's rubbish that 13:17 was a mistranslation of a speech and was 13:20 a total rubber help thank you 13:21 it's right that the that the Zionist 13:24 regime in Israel will pass 13:26 that's not the same thing as physically 13:29 are literally annihilating Israel off 13:31 the face of the map 13:33 you know I can't believe they don't even 13:35 understand article 33 of the geneva 13:38 conventions of 1949 which explicitly 13:41 state that no person may be punished for 13:44 an offense here she did not personally 13:46 commit that collective penalties and 13:50 likewise all measures of intimidation of 13:53 terrorism or prohibited with this means 13:56 the sages were opposing other read or 13:58 work rides under the geneva conventions 14:01 that the American said it doesn't even 14:03 graph that blatant fat 14:06 well when you get in the Congress you 14:08 got rat Ryan in the house and you get 14:11 you gotta lunacy there in my view 14:13 tomorrow a story comes out 14:16 actually it's out now i'll have it up 14:18 later 14:19 thirty percent of the Washington 14:22 political establishment is allegedly 14:26 according to the FBI involved in 14:29 pedophilia and intensifying rings 14:33 30-percent an FBI informant 14:36 I can't prove it please don't take it to 14:39 the bank yet but that's coming out its 14:41 out now and it's a problem 14:43 it wouldn't surprise me quite frankly 14:45 not at all 14:47 that's how they control people 14:48 compromise them there's some very dark 14:50 things are going on there and and all 14:53 the western capitals of the world 14:55 frankly it seems to be an international 14:58 cult and now I mean my god 15:01 thirty percent 15:02 and i have reports that arrest warrants 15:05 are ya already prepared for 30 prominent 15:09 politicians names we would all recognize 15:11 how are the others were simply awaiting 15:14 the confirmation of jeff sessions as 15:16 attorney general to proceed we will see 15:19 at five over the years seen many stories 15:22 a similar to that were being promised 15:25 things and it's contingent on this here 15:28 we have to wait till that and it never 15:29 happened so i don't know i don't know 15:32 well the names on the list include Chuck 15:35 Schumer and Michael Blumenthal Jackie 15:39 Schumer yes 15:41 oh that's really nice 15:44 he's fighting so hard and I want all 15:46 this out 15:47 uh-huh that you're ever on the west 15:50 little checkup and I i would bet 15:53 anything that so it's nancy pelosi she's 15:58 is is she suffering dementia that woman 16:03 honestly I did she is now demanding that 16:07 the FBI find out and reveal quote what 16:11 the Russians have on Trump machine nuts 16:15 Russians don't have anything of course 16:18 not it's all ridiculous that they even 16:21 continue to talk about the so-called 16:22 Russian dossier which was you know 16:26 update up by a fan of 4chan as a brand 16:30 fiction right that's so that the city 16:32 that the steady one intelligent took it 16:34 seriously that insults me very good 16:36 people right right i I couldn't agree 16:41 more i don't i don't i just don't get it 16:44 I i put these enormous news matches 16:47 together and I everyday wade through 16:49 things that that are just becoming more 16:52 incredible all the time and then you got 16:55 that idiot and I'm sorry there's no 16:59 other where he is an idiot 17:00 oh right i li she's shooting from the 17:03 mouth calling Putin the killer but what 17:08 kind of journalism is that everyone drop 17:10 very reasonably response well we're not 17:12 so limited our selves of course 17:14 how many people we murdered for god 17:16 sakes others an outrage in washington DC 17:19 / such a mild expression of love what 17:24 we've got rank of monsters in the 17:26 international community that steps 17:28 Donald Trump the being Donald Trump is 17:31 saying the fair thing the correct thing 17:33 we're not so innocent either and we 17:35 aren't remember Guantanamo remember the 17:38 secret torture prisons we had all over 17:41 the place a lot of people died there 17:43 remember Iraq 23 million were 17:46 slaughtered their so no we're not quite 17:48 so innocent and good for chunk and then 17:51 he turns around and starts beating me in 17:53 the Israeli drum about war on iran and 17:58 oh my god 18:01 honest to god Jeff that cannot have 18:03 thought this straight because if I'm 18:05 awry and impressive James agrees by the 18:09 way that there is a defense pact between 18:11 a ray of Russia and shine ah well he 18:14 he'd probably have damn good sources 18:16 said that's very interesting Russia Iran 18:18 and China have a pact file that in the 18:22 front drawer 18:23 ladies and gentlemen don't forget that 18:25 go ahead its absolute lunacy to imagine 18:28 that they could attack a red is not 18:30 suffer overwhelming adverse consequences 18:33 i mean.they these countries together 18:35 have the ability to destroy the world 18:38 many times over and it's ludicrous 18:41 yeah to be even thinking of attacking 18:42 one of them but when they are bound by a 18:45 common defense agreement right this is 18:48 the counterpart to date oh so you had to 18:50 edit north american 3d organization all 18:53 the national defense treaty organization 18:56 of three against some 27 but the three 18:59 are very powerful right i just also tire 19:04 of people of minimizing Russia's 19:09 military someone called superiority but 19:12 their technology is is awesome 19:14 we don't want to know about it I i have 19:17 to say you're right i've said this for a 19:19 long time they have technology they have 19:21 never stopped there RND ever and we've 19:25 slowed it down budgets and now 19:27 this full speed ahead they have they 19:30 have weapons remember the Chelyabinsk 19:33 meteor you're right it's a meat-eor 19:36 before it begins to come into the 19:37 atmosphere then you call it a meteorite 19:40 all right we'll call the meteor just for 19:41 from the Chelyabinsk meteor was coming 19:44 in i believe it was eighteen thousand 19:46 miles an hour 19:47 headed toward a very secure and 19:51 sensitive military district in Siberia 19:54 and the Russians apparently have 24 7 19:58 radar scan scanning for incoming 20:00 missiles incoming anything and they we 20:02 believe fired on some kind of a 20:07 preordained schedule that if something 20:08 comes then you fire on it and if you 20:11 watch the videos of the Chelyabinsk 20:13 meteor you can see something come up 20:15 from below and behind the meteor go 20:18 right through it and break it into 20:20 pieces 20:20 now that's a hell of a piece of 20:22 technology whatever it was 20:25 yeah yeah yeah it was really devastating 20:28 weapons that and that they could do that 20:32 job is of impressive scientific and 20:35 technical achievement that I don't 20:38 believe the United States would have 20:39 done this I don't think we have that 20:41 technology now certainly we wouldn't 20:43 want to show it if we did when the 20:45 Russians wouldn't want to show it either 20:46 but they had no choice 20:48 this thing would have done a hell of a 20:49 lot of damage and it might have been 20:52 they think intentionally steered that 20:55 direction 20:56 who knows i don't know i don't take 20:58 anything off the table anymore 21:00 not at all nor do i I mean that in the 21:04 United States I mean up so under that 21:06 new bliss of the Apple you look at it 21:08 you mentioned earlier the Republican big 21:10 wigs into raging a trump saying we 21:13 aren't killers 21:16 oh really oh really and Jeff you gotta 21:19 go back to the dissolution of the soviet 21:21 union in 1991 we made solid promises to 21:25 Mikhail Gorbachev having the status of 21:27 treaties that we would not encroach on 21:30 the Eastern Bloc countries formerly part 21:32 of the Soviet Union not attempt to 21:34 convert them to NATO nations and not put 21:36 military weaponry there we have violated 21:40 all of 21:40 up all absolutely O&I me as we break it 21:46 is a disgrace 21:47 I just don't know where we're going with 21:49 this I again ask all of you to withhold 21:53 judgment for 90 days which gives a man 3 21:57 months will know we'll know soon we're 21:59 already seeing things are are 22:01 disconcerting and I don't think it's the 22:02 art of the deal 22:03 that's not how international diplomacy 22:05 works Justin how long's move right back 22:08 as we continue on this Monday night 22:13 okay you remember things that happened 22:16 so fast now I really don't and I'm sure 22:19 Jim would say the same thing I don't 22:21 have the ability to stay / at all 22:23 I sure try we try but it is just kept 22:26 skating in an avalanche 22:29 do you remember that Obama last year to 22:33 fund sanctuary cities in 2016 sent over 22:38 27 billion dollars of your money to 22:42 these cities to give away to illegals 22:46 we have to decide if we are America or 22:49 if we're some kind of a cesspool for all 22:52 these dregs that are being brought in 22:54 here intentionally they're not political 22:57 refugees 22:58 it's a joke there in Africa for example 23:01 they have forever killed each other and 23:04 mutilate each other slot at what they do 23:07 Middle East dictators despots murder war 23:11 what they do they need to stay in their 23:14 own country 23:15 look if they if they want to mutilate 23:16 their women and practice paedophilia on 23:20 little boys like they do to stay home 23:23 and do it 23:23 don't bring it here don't come here 23:26 unless you're able and willing to 23:29 assimilate into our culture and put urea 23:32 in in the backseat 23:35 alright no ain't gonna happen the grant 23:37 agree completely what are we doing 23:39 bringing these non citizens in the 23:41 United States and giving them all kinds 23:42 of welfare and support a thousand months 23:46 best when they're not citizens are not 23:48 making a contribution they don't belong 23:49 here 23:50 it's supposed to be some kind of feel 23:52 good exercise of the liberal left seems 23:54 to swoon 23:56 I mean it it's the objectification of a 23:59 manifest absurdity that is unfair to 24:01 every unemployed homeless American and 24:04 just because of the way they keep these 24:06 unemployment statistics where they no 24:08 longer count individuals who have given 24:11 up looking for work the actual 24:13 unemployment rate was probably closer to 24:16 40 or even 45% sister was white 24:19 absolutely now it's just up another big 24:23 Washington lie 24:25 yeah well it has got to be opposed and 24:28 confronted by a president Trump 24:30 president Trump i would ask where is the 24:33 executive order that he can sign 24:36 tomorrow 24:38 which says no more federal aid to any 24:42 city state county that gives away 24:46 benefit to non-citizens this is a 24:50 no-brainer those people self-deport so 24:54 fast we won't even have to pay for it 24:57 hell let's just all right you leave the 24:59 country will give you five thousand 25:01 dollars and tell your way home go home 25:04 this has got to happen he's got to cut 25:07 off of the entitlements he's got to cut 25:09 off the support 25:10 no more social security to anyone who's 25:12 not a citizen and doesn't warrant it 25:15 where are you mr. Trump where are you 25:18 we're here suffering where are you these 25:22 are easy things to do and they should 25:24 have been done already 25:26 and apparently governor moonbeam is de 25:28 quiring California the whole state to be 25:31 a sanctuary stain i have the legislature 25:33 is supporting him which could come at 25:35 the cost of 300 billion dollars in 25:38 federal aid to the state of California 25:41 and if it's going to be Bob stress this 25:43 is not actually a form of secession you 25:46 know poetic or severe in war California 25:49 declaring war on the right federal 25:51 government 25:52 absolutely i i i hope they do it i hope 25:56 Trump cut off all federal aid i hope 25:59 they learn reality they do they've gotta 26:02 quit following these these Moonbeam 26:04 ideas I unfortunately the majority of 26:08 citizens and in California are no longer 26:11 european-american there they're Hispanic 26:14 that's a problem 26:16 what was with the Speaker of the House 26:18 or Senate President California said that 26:21 over half of his family was here 26:23 illegally he boasted about it they have 26:26 no respect for law and order 26:28 no respect for America at all none of 26:32 this has to be dealt with rationally 26:34 pragmatically it can't just be talked at 26:37 it's got to be dealt with mr. president 26:41 you must deal with this i don't care 26:44 about your wall cut off all federal aid 26:48 to all sanctuary cities all sanctuary 26:52 States cut it off 26:54 save the money 26:56 Jeff have you heard the absurd report 26:58 from robert wright who's a professor at 27:00 Berkeley that the violent writers maybe 27:02 Breitbart plants 27:04 yeah yeah well do you know these are 27:07 George Charles type in attract these are 27:10 community organizers in the sense of 27:12 Barack Hussein Obama these are not 27:14 people hurt when did he last here are 27:17 conservatives throwing a riot or you 27:19 know breaking windows are having traffic 27:22 are you know assaulting police are 27:26 second I mean they got it all wrong its 27:28 backwards get this jeff and nyu 27:32 professor says Mexico should let drug 27:34 cartels flood the US with narcotics to 27:36 retaliate against from a professor at 27:39 NYU named captain eight 27:42 I know I know it you mr. Trump your 27:48 people are listening to this program 27:49 please pass the word long he has things 27:53 he can do and needs to do immediately 27:56 and it has to do with cutting off 27:58 federal aid that's how you get the 28:01 states to fall in line at least most of 28:04 them and if they want they pay the price 28:08 and his violent rioters take over UC 28:11 Berkeley comedian sarah silverman called 28:13 for a military coup to overthrow 28:15 President trauma is on that test edition 28:18 of course you have to write it is just 28:22 not if you're Jewish I guess 28:23 prosecutable affairs 28:25 no not if you're at a Jewish comedian 28:29 it's not is george soros the source of 28:34 money behind the Muslim travel ban 28:37 lawsuit that count on it 28:39 Cowell yeah I'm sure he is you're 28:41 absolutely right we can't we can't prove 28:43 it but it doesn't take anybody with any 28:45 brains to add those two or connect the 28:47 dots 28:47 it's very very simple and we have 28:50 georgetown university professor and 28:52 Schwartz senior fellow at the new 28:53 American Foundation Rosa brought 28:55 discussing ways that the left believe 28:57 they can get rid of the rightfully 29:00 elected president he first touches on 29:02 the ludicrous idea of impeaching Trump 29:04 for literally nothing more than having 29:07 differences in the political policy and 29:10 she moved to the plate out idea of using 29:12 the 25th amendment to remove him for 29:15 being unfit and finally gets the more 29:17 sinister idea of using military force to 29:20 remove leaders honey this is the 29:22 abandonment of democracy these are 29:24 liberal leftist you supposed to be 29:26 promoting democracy 29:28 instead they're subverting that Jeff 29:30 it's outrageous and another they're not 29:32 American 18 us code 2385 advocating 29:37 overthrow the government 29:39 whoever knowingly are willingly 29:40 advocates the best advisors or teaches 29:42 the duty necessity desirability of 29:45 propriety of overthrowing or destroyed 29:47 the government of the United States or 29:49 the government of any state territory 29:50 district representative there are over 29:53 the government of any political 29:54 subdivision thereof life for survival 29:57 answer by the assassination of any 29:59 officer of any such government or and it 30:02 goes on to say shall be fined under this 30:04 title or imprisoned not more than 20 30:06 years are both shall be his eligible for 30:09 employment by the united states already 30:11 department or agency thereof for the 30:13 five years following their conviction 30:15 right right 30:19 I it is said and I do believe that 30:21 probably true all the laws we need are 30:24 already on the books they just need to 30:27 be enforced if two or more persons 30:31 conspired to commit any offence name to 30:33 the section each I'll be fine under this 30:35 title or imprisoned not more than 20 30:37 years or both and she'll be ineligible 30:39 for employment by the united states 30:41 already department or eight for the next 30:44 five years 30:44 well if people were thinking about these 30:47 things long ago and that's why these is 30:50 codes or are there on the books there be 30:53 there 30:53 wow alright excellent here we have 30:59 though of Baretta a turning point right 31:03 now already 31:04 it takes time to turn an entire policy 31:07 around like where we're seeing a policy 31:10 of bella casa t a policy of certainly 31:14 threats that these are not the kinds of 31:16 things that that generate mutual 31:20 understanding or will to work for the 31:23 common good 31:24 why hasn't trumped begun to pull back 31:27 all of those American troops men and 31:30 women tens of thousands maybe more I 31:32 don't know in Europe 31:34 why are they still there why did more 31:37 arrived yesterday what's going on what 31:42 is he doing these actions are the very 31:45 antithesis contradiction of what he 31:47 promised during his campaign jeff and i 31:50 am simply stunned stun I I worked hard 31:56 for this guy I advocated him hundreds 31:59 and hundreds of times our radio 32:01 television all kinds of 4i was promoting 32:05 Trump for excellent reasons but now he's 32:09 betrayed what may be the central and 32:11 most important md the wars in the Middle 32:13 East and now you may be precipitating a 32:16 world war that will end all wars and 32:19 fulfill IM signs dicked of that he 32:22 wasn't sure you know what would happen 32:25 you know many weapons would be used in 32:27 the rain for but you knew that in the 32:29 word thereafter it would be fixed 32:31 don't you're not overstating anything 32:34 neither design Stein this is this is 32:35 right where we are now Donald Trump i do 32:38 believe is essentially a captive of 32:43 international Zionism now I his daughter 32:46 of course the apple of his eye is Jewish 32:50 her three days 32:52 Donald three grandchildren are Jewish 32:54 Jared cush nerve i call him the cush man 33:00 I married her oktober 2009 bang bang 33:05 bang three kids 33:06 I don't I wouldn't put anything off the 33:11 table on it just it's it's bizarre to me 33:15 what happened i don't understand it 33:17 there's a lot going on here they will 33:19 never know about it and that's one of 33:20 them 33:21 he does seem to be parenting exactly 33:24 precisely what Netanyahu once with the 33:27 International Zionist what and that's 33:29 war against Iran and they want us to do 33:33 it just like they always do another war 33:36 for Israel Don foot that's what Donald 33:39 Trump is talking about that's what he's 33:41 sounding like this is not good 33:44 we should do nothing the design of State 33:47 of Israel wants us to do nothing we just 33:49 gave them 30 Obama 32 million dollars i 33:54 think it's 10 million dollars a day for 33:55 the next 10 years thirty two billion 33:59 things 10 or 12 12 million a day that's 34:03 crazy that's ridiculous so what are they 34:06 doing they're prosecuting the 34:08 Palestinians i get a wide mouth are 34:10 targeting gods are they gonna eliminate 34:12 you know that we've talked you right 34:15 there they're the guys who will probably 34:16 by the end of the year not have any 34:17 Palestinians left because as Lieberman 34:20 the defense's minister says the next war 34:23 against Gaza will be the last one we're 34:26 going to wipe them out 34:27 they'll have to walk out and they'll be 34:29 dead and buried they want to scrape Gaza 34:32 that the main city they want to scrape 34:34 it off the face of the earth literally 34:36 and build a whole new Mediterranean 34:39 resort complex i do its greater Israel 34:42 that's what it is 34:43 now what is Trump's position on that 34:45 obviously it's not a two-state solution 34:49 it's a one-state solution and he will 34:53 move the US Embassy to Jerusalem count 34:56 on it 34:57 who's who's controlling home here it 35:01 doesn't look good to me 35:03 I thought it was blatant pandering when 35:04 he spoke to a packet made that 35:07 pronouncement because it was so 35:09 outrageous that was originally intended 35:12 international City it should not be 35:14 identified with anyone trade of course 35:16 it's def that should be the capital of a 35:18 Jewish state is is a historic 35:21 abomination hear you and I semi James 35:25 isn't that the problem you can't 35:28 criticize Israel and get away with it 35:30 you know that keys 35:33 yeah I'm that it was a sickening 35:35 performance so I i am afraid at this 35:38 point in time I will have to deduce that 35:40 our president is under the thumb of 35:42 international Zionism and Benjamin 35:45 Netanyahu in particular and I do believe 35:48 that the the plans are probably being 35:51 talked about as we speak more game plans 35:54 how to try and take out here on so the 35:57 Iranians won't have time to pull out 35:59 from their mountain caves the thousands 36:01 upon thousands upon thousands of 36:03 missiles they only need one or two full 36:06 cobalt to make Israel uninhabitable for 36:09 over a hundred years it doesn't take 36:11 much and just to be directly responsive 36:15 to that remark about the anti-semitic I 36:18 the the UK has adopted a new definition 36:21 of anti-semitism that includes criticism 36:24 of Israel or of Zionism there you go out 36:27 there it is it is who's in control of 36:31 folks who is in control 36:33 that's a Zionist piece of legislation 36:35 and it is is clearly designed to shut 36:39 down freedom of speech freedom of 36:41 thought or any criticism at all of 36:44 anything term to be Jewish in any way 36:47 the classic definition of anti-semitism 36:51 is the discounter just value the worst 36:54 of human being or their opinions on the 36:56 basis of their 36:57 religious orientation or ethnic Legacy 37:00 where criticism of the actions and 37:03 policies of the government of Israel 37:05 clearly it's not and high semitism I nor 37:09 would be criticism of the Zionist 37:11 aspiration to create the Greater Israel 37:14 from the tigris-euphrates the Nile which 37:16 is clearly the motive at work behind 911 37:21 we're driving that the destruction of 37:23 all of these modern Arab states that 37:26 served as a counterbalance to Israel's 37:28 domination but now the UK is complying 37:31 and adopting a new definitely rolling 37:33 over there rolling over 37:36 that's right you can't criticize Zionism 37:40 now which is a non religious secular 37:43 division as it were of Judaism alright 37:47 that's their political arm secular read 37:50 about it so you can't can't say that 37:53 anymore huh wow that's outrageous and 37:56 jeff i have to add here our 37:59 qualification of the past i frequently 38:01 cited wayne madsen there's even our 38:05 nation's are leading investigative 38:07 journalist I no longer believe that for 38:09 quite a few reasons including that he's 38:12 been attacking course such as a nominee 38:14 because he had a write-up it is your 38:17 book that has been the founder of the 38:20 fashions of forever club I way medicine 38:23 is God bananas about this making them 38:25 out to be a fascist but it turns out not 38:27 that it is it correct that it was a 38:30 self-deprecating humor he wrote that he 38:32 founded that led the fashions and 38:34 forever club but it was tongue-in-cheek 38:36 attempt to poke fun and the idea of 38:39 absence has taken his to imply that 38:41 trouble ism is a fascist himself 38:44 we're uh good friend of mine in Europe 38:47 is written why he thinks that's 38:49 completely wrong number one he took the 38:51 us out of the trans-pacific trade 38:53 partnership which was pure crashes and 38:56 because it installed corporate rulership 38:58 over much of the world if he was a 39:00 fascist his work as president would not 39:02 have been to kill that on the contrary 39:04 you aborted socket George Charles is a 39:08 fascist yes dramas or the CIA to cut 39:10 all of its operational weeks with 39:12 sorrows and it's non-government 39:14 organization of trouble with ashes it 39:17 would not a broken weeks with source of 39:18 steady would've postured further 39:20 cooperation and third batted ball struck 39:24 were having read Hitler's speeches I 39:26 that's not my would-be cannot see but 39:30 there are many reasons for reading 39:31 Hitler's speeches including simple 39:33 curiosity learning to give rousing 39:35 speeches he himself has studied a lot 39:38 about thoughts eternity is because you 39:40 want to be informed want to help prevent 39:42 because the ashes of a year that prevent 39:45 the whole cost against Jews or any other 39:48 people it because great we have a 39:50 president so interested in history 39:52 actually reads original sources story 39:54 goal documents you can imagine bushes 39:57 Quentin's regular Obama ever doing them 40:00 no no no no what's the second most 40:03 successful book in the world terms of 40:08 sales lights out 40:10 yep yep that's real life world-wide 40:15 after the Bible of doors now yes and 40:18 I'll apparently all those people who 40:19 bought and read mine comfort by 40:22 anti-semite 40:24 here's one for you speaking about 40:26 Gorsuch here's one that paint him out to 40:30 be anything but a fascist a rector as in 40:34 a church official who marched against 40:39 Trump gay blessings on the congregation 40:43 gun-control Muslim outreach and climate 40:48 crisis solar panels on the roof meat 40:52 supreme court nominee Neil Gorsuch 'as 40:55 ultra-liberal church 40:58 yes it's true st. john's episcopal 41:01 church has led by a pastor who proudly 41:04 attended the anti-trump women's march in 41:07 denver the day after the president's 41:09 inauguration Reverend Susan Springer his 41:12 core such as church says she is pro-gay 41:16 marriage and offers blessings to 41:18 same-sex couples another member of the 41:21 clergy is outspoken 41:22 the need for gun control the church's 41:26 Reverend Ted howard also signed a letter 41:28 slamming the disrespectful rhetoric 41:31 directed at Islam as Trump floated a ban 41:35 on Muslim immigrants church authorities 41:37 also appeared to be strongly in favor of 41:40 environmental initiatives and added 41:43 solar panels to the roof because of the 41:45 climate crisis now this is Gor such as 41:48 church 41:49 what does he think what does he really 41:51 think about this church he goes to I 41:54 mean if he were repulsed by it he would 41:56 go to a different church in the 41:57 Episcopal Church so this is hot this is 42:01 hot 42:02 it varies junior high and high school I 42:04 was involved in the episcopal church in 42:06 South Pasadena are you saying in the 42:08 choir i was an acolyte i gave a I was 42:11 ahead of the young people's fellowship I 42:13 gave us some sermon on on youth sunday i 42:17 was a delegate the 14th world convention 42:19 on christian education held in tokyo 42:20 between high school and college and it 42:24 was very good for me socially 42:26 developmentally was the only involvement 42:29 and in organized religion of my life 42:32 iron course in the agnostic I don't go 42:34 oh we can't know that God exists or know 42:37 that God does not exist and i suspend 42:39 belief in God but i think that the 42:43 metaphysical church does a great deal of 42:45 social good it was certainly beneficial 42:47 for me and I think it speaks very well 42:50 of courses that that happens to be the 42:53 the church with which is involved 42:55 mmm interesting i will see what happens 42:59 first of a number of nominees that will 43:04 will be coming meantime Ruth Bader 43:07 Ginsburg eyes is going to make some kind 43:11 of a decision is she not is she going to 43:12 hear the issue about Russian hacking i 43:17 am not sure where that is now you have 43:19 it's appalling that you go to the 43:20 Supreme Court yeah yeah a piece of 43:24 nonsense that was made up as fanfiction 43:26 by a power of well she's inviting it in 43:29 apparently which 43:32 so to validate some of the earlier 43:33 comments that were made about her after 43:35 she made some comments which were not 43:38 exactly a suitable for a member of the 43:40 Supreme Court that's right i thought you 43:43 got it usually political no yeah of 43:46 course just like the Pope she got been 43:49 very very derogatory about Trump yeah so 43:53 does the Pope yeah I don't look simple 43:56 let us let us not forget 43:59 ok so here we are februari the sixth and 44:03 tomorrow will be the seven from any luck 44:05 at all i don't know where this is going 44:08 but it's going and we have to watch we 44:11 can only wonder why Trump is not 44:14 bringing Americans home from the effort 44:17 to clearly intimidate and put pressure 44:19 on Russia along its border now if any of 44:23 you understand American tanks were 44:25 firing off salvos yesterday to try to 44:28 threaten the Russians under the United 44:31 Nations Charter the Russians are within 44:33 the law if they were to cross the border 44:36 within reason to remove any threat that 44:40 they sell to put them in jeopardy 44:42 they have that right under the United 44:44 Nations this week maybe studying in 44:46 several respects the trumpets ordered 44:48 gallery and shaft first to go after 44:50 everything on clinton we have a report 44:52 from an FBI insider that feeds the gate 44:55 pedophile ring arrests are imminent 44:56 involving 30 politicians and 40 others a 45:00 DC virginia in New York City and waiting 45:03 the the the swearing-in of jeff Sessions 45:06 and that politicians have been named 45:08 including chuck schumer tim kaine and 45:10 Michael blumenfeld among those who are 45:12 going to be arrested 45:14 we will see soon that the gym hi gets 45:17 arrest thank you you're just doing 45:18 heroic things as always we really 45:20 appreciate it and we'll talk to you soon 45:22 thank you 45:24 okay tonight jim fetzer and that's our 45:28 number two coming right back at you with 45:30 another one 45:31 stay there and stay there and stay there 45:34 and stay there and stay there stay there 45:39 and stay there stay there stay there and 45:44 stay there

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