How Trump is The Ultimate Divide & Conquer Puppet: Duality, The Hegelian Dialectic & The NWO Hyrda

Stein, Zuckerberg, Epstein, Schumer, Rosenthal, Bloomberg, Feinstein, Soros (Schwartz), Kissinger, Blumenthal, Bernacke, Yellen, Greenspan, Geithner, Lieberman, Sulzberger (NYT), Rothschild, Goldman-Sachs, Blankfein, Lehman Brothers, Ginsberg, etc., etc. Starting to see the picture yet?

Transcript : you know I've mentioned a few times 1:00 before that Trump has a way of putting 1:02 truth in plain sight and spinning into 1:04 the biggest lie ever and the 1:06 presidential election was definitely one 1:08 of those times 1:09 special thanks to youtube channel 1:11 branding right for the clip i just 1:12 showed you and I love that you chose and 1:14 the montage on that last clip it's one 1:17 big six so I know I'm like six weeks 1:19 late on this but the lead-up to the 1:21 election was one giant fake out non-stop 1:24 talking about Hillary's camper in the 1:26 election the Russians getting involved 1:27 all the cyber hacking and this clown 1:30 wins no problem in fact you walk through 1:33 the primary the election and the recent 1:35 electoral vote with no problems 1:37 whatsoever so yeah it's one big fix its 1:39 rigged but it was scripted for him to 1:41 win and you know the shop that so many 1:44 people are in the reactionary diatribes 1:46 online or suffocating and more than ever 1:49 both sides want you to take 1:50 responsibility for the weight of your 1:51 vote or non vote and it begs the 1:53 question who did you vote for 1:56 of course Donald was telling us all 1:57 along that it didn't matter he was 2:00 telling us is that it's one big six 2:01 because it's the one-party system your 2:03 vote doesn't count but it also brings up 2:05 another point who exactly is it that's 2:07 behind the curtain 2:08 what are they doing so I see a picture 2:10 like this for about a month ago and they 2:12 shook hands and that photo opportunity i 2:14 basically see something like this and if 2:18 you remember i'm talking about the 2:19 Marvel movies they created that internet 2:21 meme hell Hydra and i'm not just having 2:23 a little bit of fun there we'll come 2:24 back to that later 2:25 there is seriously a fascist element 2:27 hidden within our government running the 2:29 show so it's no surprise that within 10 2:32 minutes of logging onto my computer back 2:34 on november nine I was hit by this 2:36 imagery so I snagged a few their promos 2:39 will play back in a moment you'll see 2:41 how blatant the messaging is on all 2:43 three of those promos you'll see a 2:45 December 16 state that's the start of 2:47 the second season beyond that really pay 2:49 attention to what these ads are telling 2:51 us especially right around election day so these visions of 4:14 coming in our near future that 4:15 authoritarian police state the truth is 4:17 have warned about four years and much of 4:19 the public is becoming aware of that 4:21 possibility through Trump selection and 4:23 its association with the alt right 4:25 personally I'm surrounded by people who 4:26 are utterly terrified by this vision the 4:29 false awakening that I talked about all 4:30 year is taking shape but below all that 4:34 of course is another truth this corrupt 4:36 system already exists and these images 4:38 are already true the fascist government 4:40 behind the government is merely stepping 4:41 out into the daylight to reveal itself 4:43 so not many spoilers here but this show 4:46 is one that mirrors our reality pretty 4:48 closely the basic premise involved in 4:50 generations people in the early nineteen 4:53 sixties waking up to the fact that the 4:55 outcome of world war two was a lie and 4:56 that their world is a sham and their 4:59 world the Axis powers have somehow won 5:01 the war and outright control America so 5:04 they know it's a mirroring of our own 5:05 reality and in the upper left corner I 5:08 don't have lost to show but there's a 5:10 film reel getting passed around it has 5:13 footage revealing that their history the 5:14 sham and then the war went differently 5:16 than they were told and then that scene 5:18 when those girls watching it 5:19 they're really honing on her eyeballs 5:22 and the projector lens and there's a two 5:24 symbols that are hugely important it's 5:26 all about projection and perception 5:28 it's all about people choosing to see 5:30 what they want to see the world around 5:31 them and overwhelmingly people choose to 5:34 think that they are free when they are 5:35 not so if you go to their facebook page 5:38 and scroll through its one piece of 5:40 truth after another in plain sight 5:43 here's one from july 4th freedom is in 5:45 the eye of the beholder independence day 5:47 and got somebody who is completely 5:49 distracted by the facade of society all 5:51 the symbols the advertisements 5:53 essentially the matrix and they also use 5:56 projection to tell us in our own world 5:58 what's coming and you remember last year 6:01 they wrapped an entire train and all 6:02 this imagery now this was so blatant 6:05 have to take it down but what I'm saying 6:07 is all this programming has been 6:09 building for years and it perhaps 6:10 viewers to become more responsive when 6:12 the real threat shows up in the future 6:14 and I got pointed out before Trump is a 6:17 walking projection image of Hitler and 6:19 Hitler's rise to power is coming out 6:21 time and again in relation to the guy 6:22 and not by accident whether it's the 6:25 frightening side the clear mirroring of 6:27 history or the humorous side we've been 6:30 surrounded by all these lavas for a long 6:32 time and it's a lot like the 1930s 6:35 Germany where they fell into an 6:36 artificial bubble of a reality and no 6:39 kidding all this together is really 6:42 hypnotic even dangling this right in 6:45 front of us and again here's the dustbin 6:47 of history like quality to it this quote 6:49 right here 6:50 our history is being used to protect our 6:51 future alright so here's the thumbnail 6:54 from that video is going to point this 6:56 out i was pretty much spot on with this 6:58 visual is from my video that i posted 7:01 back in March and it's called Donald 7:02 Trump Civil War and secret societies 7:04 america's health cards and I never 7:07 predicted the Trump would take the white 7:08 house but i was paying attention to all 7:10 the visual they're sending to us and it 7:13 only made sense that i came up with this 7:15 thumbnail the end of the video helped 7:17 the Trump upside-down flag signaling the 7:19 stress and it's about a divided nation 7:21 72 half months later 7:23 this is on our new stand out of cars 7:25 upside-down flag from seasons divided 7:28 States of America and what they're 7:30 saying is a house divided cannot stand 7:33 and ever since doing that video i've 7:35 noticed every Nazi story that popped up 7:38 in front of me so when I started this 7:40 presentation like a month and a half ago 7:41 I went back and found the first news 7:45 story i can think of which is this one 7:46 from late-september and I chose it for a 7:49 symbolic nature naughty time capsule on 7:51 earth in Poland because again we're 7:53 taking out the past and raising 7:54 awareness of a very old very real threat 7:56 and as always it's not just about Nazis 8:00 about Hitler's rise to power he talking 8:03 to it disillusions are disempowered 8:05 populace that wants to return to 8:07 greatness 8:08 you've seen that story a hundred times 8:10 how they keep mirroring Trump and Hitler 8:13 so than any wonder that this came out 8:15 more recently time magazine and I'm not 8:19 going to add any new thoughts on this 8:20 one just belongs in this presentation 8:22 but again they're back to back the 8:24 mirror each other and that's not by 8:25 accident and all throughout the campaign 8:29 we solve stuff like this so that you 8:30 wouldn't forget because it gave becoming 8:32 a very real threat and everyone's minds 8:34 your lady gaga sending mixed signals at 8:38 a Hillary rally right before the 8:40 election so of course conservatives 8:42 attacked it liberals defended it 8:44 everyone defends their side of the aisle 8:46 now this was interesting this next one 8:48 after i saw those advertisements for the 8:51 man in the high castle 8:53 i SAT back and like just give it 5-10 8:54 minutes I know something else is going 8:56 to pop up it's one of those days 5-10 8:58 minutes later this came up on the screen 8:59 November 1938 today's the 78th 9:04 anniversary of kristallnacht which is 9:06 kind of dark joke i would roll my eyes 9:08 at if I read it in a novel again the 9:10 lines between fiction and reality are 9:12 blurring and crystal knockers the night 9:14 of broken glass when a bunch of German 9:16 citizens were incited to go out and 9:18 smash a bunch of your storefront and so 9:20 is it any wonder that exactly 70 years 9:22 later that the day we had similar 9:24 visions going on in our own backyard now 9:28 we're not all out there attacking Jews 9:30 but it's bringing up that is eliciting 9:32 that same visual that there's an 9:33 authoritarian power coming out is going 9:35 to bring out every prejudice that 9:36 America has right now setting up against 9:38 one another and since the election a lot 9:42 of stuff like this isn't popping up on 9:43 my screen and this is the programming 9:46 really taking hold on people so here 9:48 this tweet here 9:49 ever wonder what it'd be like to go back 9:51 in time help fight naughty support civil 9:53 right there resist native genocide 9:55 now's your chance we got this article 9:58 right here white nationalist alright if 10:01 you see an avi einat see and she's 10:03 borrowing from that if you see something 10:05 say something campaign so I scrolled 10:08 through this article really quick and of 10:10 course it didn't take long to see what 10:11 she was after just a snippet given the 10:14 close ties between the alright and trans 10:16 cabinet how the top story on every front 10:18 page on some version of neo-nazis 10:20 attempting to seize control of American 10:22 government 10:23 meanwhile over here almost in the same 10:25 day 10:26 fighting Nazis is an American tradition 10:27 stop the alright so you can see how 10:30 people are primed and ready to accept 10:32 this because they've been seeing it in 10:34 their entertainment and in their news 10:36 for honestly for years now so we're 10:38 gonna go to one of those movies right 10:40 now and the movie I want to talk about 10:43 is captain america the winter soldier 10:44 and this is one of those Marvel movies 10:47 and put a lot of truth in plain sight 10:49 like they all do but in this movie the 10:51 symbol of America Captain America finds 10:54 out that a fascist not the element known 10:56 as Hydra is embedded deep within shield 10:57 which is basically the 10:59 military-industrial complex so these 11:01 members of Hydra hide in plain sight and 11:03 greet each other with the phrase hail 11:05 Hydra like I showed you earlier you'll 11:07 remember this is a popular internet mean 11:09 from a couple years ago that allowed the 11:11 sleeping classes to take part in the 11:13 joke and that's one of the side effects 11:15 of putting the truth in plain sight done 11:17 properly put people to sleep if you try 11:20 to tell them not to use the same as or 11:21 better deeper than our own government 11:22 right now though is completely laughing 11:25 remember those means it's very easy to 11:27 make fun of 11:28 so this section get very dense but i 11:30 really want to bring up this main point 11:32 and all about the duality game or evil 11:35 latched itself onto something good and 11:37 it does that in a fight so that the to 11:40 get mixed together and was time for evil 11:42 to take a fall it pulls something good 11:44 down with it and I'm going to make a 11:46 huge point out of that later 11:48 so through compartmentalization numerous 11:51 elements of shield have no idea who's in 11:53 charge of what we are working for a 11:55 given time and all that 11:56 halfway through the movie captain 11:58 america find the secret military bunker 12:00 that as yet another secret bunker 12:02 underneath it so there's layers upon 12:04 layers of these organizations but a lot 12:06 of people don't know who they're really 12:08 working for at the bottom is discovered 12:11 that a character named dr. Zola with who 12:13 is a scientist for hydrogen world war 2 12:15 has survived as a computer program his 12:19 monologue revealed that Hydra during 12:21 World War Two learned that they could 12:23 not to do the World War outright 12:25 humanity always fights back against an 12:27 over enemy remember that want to talk 12:29 about the police state and the 12:30 revolution is going to be used on us 12:32 again we're supposed to fight against 12:34 this authoritarian state so how'd you 12:37 learn that they had to convince the 12:38 world to give up his freedom gradually 12:40 between all mouth through Operation 12:42 Paperclip Zola was able to come to 12:44 America create a parasite organization 12:46 within shield over time they gradually 12:49 overtook the joint sewing see the 12:50 division and chaos throughout the world 12:53 this is representative of an internal 12:54 struggle that apparently happens within 12:56 our own government which allowed 12:58 fashions to get embedded into very high 12:59 places 13:00 more importantly this is what i really 13:03 want to get to know you want to mention 13:05 that shield and Hydra are two sides of 13:07 the same coin that is going out of 13:08 currency and get rid of the evil that is 13:11 Hydra both sides have to go and that's 13:13 the Hegelian dialectic that we talked 13:15 about so much 13:16 and credit goes to KJ also enter this 13:18 one if you look at the higher logo 13:21 design has a couple of 666 is in plain 13:23 sight and I noticed that if you split 13:26 the logo down the middle you'll see that 13:29 they mirror each other and they oppose 13:30 one another and this is evil fighting 13:32 itself in a control battle to advance a 13:34 larger agenda 13:37 so one more movie James Bond specters 13:40 came out a year later it's pretty much 13:41 the exact same plot at least the exact 13:43 same premise and bonds world he 13:45 discovers that there's a secret shadowy 13:47 organization that has tentacles and all 13:49 forms of government particularly in the 13:51 intelligence community they're getting 13:53 ready to launch a massive surveillance 13:55 program to take down all their enemies 13:57 and just do humanity and to effectively 13:59 bring about a new world order same thing 14:02 is happening captain america with 14:03 project insight it's no coincidence then 14:07 that both of these organizations have 14:08 just about the same logo tying into that 14:12 squid or octopus that be a lead love so 14:14 much they have their tentacles and 14:16 almost everything and they're developing 14:18 a world of it so this was 2014 this is 14:21 2015 in 2013 i don't know if you know 14:24 this or not but the NSA and nasa 14:27 announced that they launched a satellite 14:28 called n roll 39 and here's the catch 14:32 phrase for the Logan came up with 14:34 nothing is beyond our reach and it has 14:36 the squid with the tentacles all over 14:38 the globe and it just happened to 14:40 coincide with the time that Edward 14:42 Snowden defected and released all that 14:44 information and i just want to point out 14:47 real quick here 14:48 this is not how you keep a secret this 14:50 is how you make an announcement so again 14:53 this is them coming out in the open and 14:54 waving hello saying we exist 14:57 this is why they're being cartoonishly 14:58 sinister in their approach here we know 15:01 about the surveillance programs and all 15:03 this other stuff because we're supposed 15:04 to 15:05 so why is it why are they putting 15:07 themselves out in the open and the 15:09 concept is called externalization of the 15:10 hierarchy you've heard me say time and 15:13 again that the system is exposing its 15:14 own corruption this is entirely what I'm 15:16 talking about 15:17 I just relabeled this concept and why 15:20 they're doing it spiritually they have 15:22 to tell us what they're up to 15:23 which is all well and good but they're 15:25 using it to reach a far greater end 15:28 that's what I want to get through there 15:29 going to use it to latch anything that's 15:32 good about this world to something evil 15:33 and flush it down the toilet so in that 15:37 scene and told you about earlier with 15:38 dr. Zola he mentioned in passing that if 15:41 you cut one head off of the Hydra one or 15:43 two go back in its place 15:45 he's referring to the ritualistic 15:46 beheading of the hydro and keep it 15:48 really sure the leakage 15:50 both sides of a given conflict to create 15:53 a predetermined outcome usually someone 15:55 needs to take the fall 15:57 whoever is involved in the fighter knows 15:58 about it needs to see a bad guy lose the 16:00 fight as such one of the many heads of 16:03 the hydros beheaded so everyone can have 16:05 closure and in the captain america 16:07 example at Hydra losing the fight 16:09 pulling shield down with it 16:11 meanwhile evil shape-shift into a new 16:13 form replicate the same duality program 16:16 all over again 16:17 advancing numerous agendas kudos to 16:19 whoever came up with this spiral graphic 16:21 right here it's exactly what I had 16:23 pictured in my mind when I went looking 16:24 forward 16:25 so you got anyone in your life who won't 16:28 believe in something like that just 16:29 sounds too stupid right out of the 16:31 movies it would never happen a lot of 16:33 this stuff is public information i'm not 16:35 going to go into depth about Operation 16:37 Paperclip if they know those movies tell 16:39 them to go look at Reinhart Galen he is 16:42 everything i just talked about one 16:43 person surrounded himself with Nazi war 16:45 criminals create an entire intelligence 16:47 apparatus that is still in effect today 16:49 in Europe 16:52 so I want to end on this point which is 16:54 that most shooters out there seemed to 16:56 think that the fascist police state will 16:57 be the new world order when in fact it's 17:00 a means to an end 17:01 if you've been away for even six months 17:03 you know the basic premise of the 17:04 revolution a global leader losing 17:06 control and they don't like it and the 17:08 more truth comes out about them the more 17:10 they will need to clamp down in our 17:11 rights and sent to us by force taking us 17:14 into global warming financial collapse 17:16 that's this section over here the call 17:18 for revolution is telling us that if we 17:20 rise up and fight them we can stop them 17:22 but if you look at the murals at the 17:23 denver international airport you can see 17:25 that they know all about this awakening 17:27 they wanted to happen and you can see 17:29 war personified coming in and slice into 17:31 society killing peace and later on the 17:35 world has conquered and United under the 17:36 banner of peace 17:38 so keeping it really simple we're going 17:40 to put through a really dark phase 17:42 having lost control 17:44 evil will come right out in the open and 17:45 Barrett thing that humanity 17:47 they're forcing themselves out in the 17:48 open where corruption can be seen now 17:51 keep in mind the union of opposites 17:52 wherever truth pair of the lie and 17:54 everything good is paired with something 17:56 evil the bigger and darker they go the 17:58 more truth they can misrepresent in the 18:00 worst way possible and this is why 18:02 they're externalizing and overtly 18:04 corrupt hierarchy and it served its 18:06 purpose and it needs to auto-destruct to 18:08 bring in the new age like i said earlier 18:10 people need someone to resist and they 18:13 need to see the bad guys take a dive by 18:15 the time that happens I'll take down our 18:17 current society with them and everything 18:19 that was good about it 18:20 this is ritually beheading the Hydra and 18:23 it's all meant to prep survivors to 18:24 accept peace at any cost and bring about 18:26 false spiritual awakening 18:29 will be the simple no on the surface 18:32 will be chaotic and fragmented as 18:33 possible you can see how we're being 18:35 pitted against one another in this fight 18:37 many people the right thing to resisting 18:39 the global agenda many people on the 18:41 Left think they're about to resist the 18:42 fascist regime least here in America 18:44 unfortunately both sides are controlled 18:47 by the same invisible powers 18:49 and this is why a very potent question 18:51 is resurfacing which side of history 18:53 will you choose to be on it's what you 18:55 call loaded question 18:57 we're frequently told to take sides and 18:59 every argument because whichever side 19:00 you're on the establishment has you in 19:02 their narrative that's the duality trap 19:05 playing out endlessly the only true 19:07 fight is whether or not you stand with 19:09 Jesus Christ Yeshua and stay true to the 19:11 scripture now I personally believe Jesus 19:13 will be misrepresented in the worst way 19:15 possible during this time 19:17 that's why he warned us that all nations 19:18 will eventually hate us for his namesake 19:20 by the end I point you to Matthew 19:23 chapter 24 verses 9 through 11 for that 19:25 and I have more thoughts on this but 19:27 they're gonna have to wait for another 19:28 time if you like this video please share 19:31 it with comment below if you haven't 19:33 already please subscribe to this channel 19:34 thank you for listening 19:36 I'll catch you next time

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