How Putin Is Transforming Russia

at the end of every year for its 0:04 magazine publishes a list of the world's 0:06 most powerful people to control over 0:08 resources of the world persons influence 0:11 on global event it on its people all 0:14 these factors that are taken into 0:15 account in the current list 0:18 third place goes to Angela Merkel second 0:20 place to Donald Trump and the first 0:22 place to black your Putin who in fact 0:25 has been leading the list is the year 0:26 2013 and that is surprising considering 0:30 that his country Russia has a population 0:32 of 145 million people compared to the 0:35 United States or other largely populated 0:37 countries like China India that's 0:39 relatively small economically Russia 0:43 might be strong but it's not leaving the 0:45 list being the world's wealthiest 0:47 country the gross domestic product so 0:50 why is the president so powerful and his 0:52 bladder Putin transform in Russia in the 0:54 world 0:57 woman was born in 1952 the st. 1:05 Petersburg which is called Leningrad at 1:08 the time father was a factory worker and 1:11 convinced communists who fucking the 1:13 second world war against the germans 1:15 before Vladimir Putin was born his two 1:18 brothers both died at a young age one of 1:21 them during the time of occupation by 1:23 the german army 11 million people died 1:27 in the city of Leningrad at that time 1:29 most of them by starvation police mother 1:33 Maria was one of the few who survived it 1:35 being the only child born after the war 1:38 and the only one that survived his 1:41 parents wanted to add more Putin to 1:42 succeed he only watch as a child and 1:45 even his own car as student an extreme 1:47 luxury at the time in the Communist 1:49 Soviet Union from a young age on Putin 1:52 was inspired by Soviets finding these 1:54 like the shield and sword and wanted to 1:56 become an agent for the KGB the Soviet 1:59 intelligence agency he was advised to 2:02 study law first which he did at sea 2:04 petersburg state university right after 2:07 graduation he began his career at the 2:09 KGB between 1985 1990 Putin work goes 2:13 undercover agent interest in Germany 2:15 where he was traded surveillance was 2:17 monitoring visitor groups 2:19 Preston became one of the town's with 2:22 the largest peaceful demonstrations 2:23 against the government at the end of the 2:25 eighties that ultimately led to the 2:27 collapse of the socialist East German 2:29 country going to follow the brown wall 2:32 on the night of the other 99 Putin was 2:35 burning secret KGB files to prevent 2:37 demonstrators from getting their hands 2:39 on them after the fall of the Soviet 2:42 Union Putin working several branches of 2:44 the st. Petersburg government until he 2:46 moved to pursue his political career 2:49 lasko the boris yeltsin's presidency 2:56 putting made a career at rapid speed he 3:00 was responsible for the relations 3:01 between the government in moscow in the 3:03 regional Russian government 3:05 he then was promoted to become head of 3:07 the Federal Security Service which is 3:10 the follow-up organization to the KGB on 3:13 the night of august 1999 boris yeltsin 3:15 announced proven to become a successor 3:17 as president and on New Year's Eve 1999 3:20 and Putin became the official president 3:23 of the russian federation 3:26 Russia's the biggest country on earth 3:30 stretching from Kaliningrad Europe all 3:33 the way to develop straight coming nine 3:35 different time zones because Russian so 3:37 far north and its land is mostly flat 3:39 which creates a cold climate most of the 3:41 population is living in the European 3:43 part of the country when Putin came into 3:45 office the Soviet Union had just 3:47 collapsed and there are many separatist 3:50 movement across Russia he ordered the 89 3:53 several subjects russia in 27 3:55 administrative districts can also change 3:58 the system so our local governments of 4:00 those regions were not elected directly 4:02 by the people anymore 4:03 instead they were appointed by the 4:05 president 4:07 this move was criticized and describe 4:09 this anti-democratic it fits into one of 4:12 the reasons why he is so popular inside 4:14 of Russia he understood that many 4:16 Russians wanted someone who brought back 4:18 the feeling of old strength and he 4:21 himself is his role as someone who has 4:23 to reunite to keep push it together the 4:27 board's Yeltsin many Russians felt like 4:29 they had a clown at the top of Western 4:31 puppet and the economy and the Yeltsin 4:33 was collapsing once Putin came into 4:36 office the country overcame the time of 4:39 transition and gain back economic growth 4:42 who knew that the people want to get the 4:45 country's pride and identity back 82,000 4:48 even brought back to old Soviet national 4:50 anthem 4:51 although with slightly different lyrics 5:02 even though Russia is immensely huge its 5:09 access to the oceans is limited the 5:11 Arctic Ocean is important please for 5:13 almost six months every year and even 5:15 though Russia has access to the Black 5:17 Sea it's still dependent on Turkey who 5:19 control the Bosphorus that connects the 5:21 Mediterranean Sea one large watching 5:24 navy base and part of the black sea 5:26 fleet is on the port of Sevastopol the 5:28 Russian army has been stationed there 5:30 for a long time in the post least by the 5:32 Ukrainian government to Russia after the 5:34 fall of the USSR when washer annex the 5:37 Crimean Peninsula in 2014 5:39 it also ensure the control over that 5:41 base which is of significant military 5:43 important out of the 10 biggest Russian 5:48 companies fiber either completely owned 5:50 by the government will have the 5:52 government has a major stockholder and 5:54 out of ten companies 64 in the oil and 5:57 gas sector two large soon as gas problem 6:01 which is on majorly by the federal 6:03 government revenue from oil salesmen 6:05 forty percent of Russia state budget 6:07 this is a strength and a curse at the 6:10 same time he has lots of control over 6:12 the European Union and its biggest trade 6:14 partners at the same time it makes 6:16 flushing very dependent on oil price and 6:19 exploit if the oil price drops Russian 6:22 growth drops this it's based off of 6:25 Natural Resources it's not literally a 6:27 modern economy ready for the future 6:29 challenges the ages of digitization 6:31 renewable power therefore Vladimir Putin 6:35 is trying to modernize the country by 6:37 creating a state-funded companies and 6:39 this happens in all sectors aircraft 6:42 companies nuclear technology high-tech 6:44 in the street huge companies that in the 6:46 future should be privatized is serving 6:49 two goals it's investing in long-term 6:51 projects at the same time the structures 6:54 interesting because none of these 6:55 companies underlies a certain industry 6:57 instead they directly under like the 7:00 Prime Minister and most of those 7:02 companies were founded in 2007 right 7:05 before Putin's have to step down because 7:06 the Constitution didn't allow them to 7:08 learn from certain as President Lee 2000 7:11 lead 7:12 he then changed to become Prime Minister 7:14 supporting method to become president 7:17 with many influential leaders beneath 7:19 and he had successfully spread his power 7:22 and pulleys influence is also going 7:29 outside of Russia in 2005 his government 7:33 founded the state television network 7:35 Russia today which now has networks in 7:38 Russian Arabic English and German the 7:41 purpose is not on Russian viewers at all 7:43 but on international attention which 7:46 also explains why eighty percent of the 7:48 network's budget spent abroad come with 7:53 that do more with us but the active duty 7:56 shift from google idealist was for 7:59 naught never infamous seniors little 8:03 pretty sure you look couture you talk 8:05 about it 8:06 xtina got to Christmas blessing of ICS 8:10 not if but besides that shirt subject 8:14 but they it's a one like the 1i poor you 8:17 are are under 46 mean it's all part of a 8:22 broader foreign strategy to influence 8:24 other countries based in st. Petersburg 8:27 the Russian government sponsored the web 8:29 brigades team the people that common 8:31 blogs and posts to change public opinion 8:33 to promote the Russian view of things 8:36 Moscow is supporting several pro-russian 8:39 parties abroad with Jobbik party hungry 8:41 the Freedom Party in Austria foresight 8:44 Dahlia marine lepen who wants for 8:46 president in the upcoming French 8:48 election has even see the credit of over 8:51 9 million euro from Moscow finders of 8:53 party's campaign and then there are also 8:56 claims of Putin ordering the hacking of 8:58 the democratic national convention to 9:01 change public American opinion is to 9:03 promote the election of Donald Trump 9:05 Putin is challenging the European Union 9:07 as well as the United States in age of 9:09 conflicts of war in Ukraine the cerium 9:12 Ukraine has annex the Crimean Peninsula 9:15 fighting a war in eastern part of the 9:18 country is Syria supporting the 9:20 government led by side is fighting the 9:23 rebels that were backed by the United 9:24 States he has transformed brush 9:27 instructions so that its powers secured 9:29 tightly with his personal wealth and the 9:32 immense influence he has an opinion all 9:34 across the globe is probably the most 9:36 powerful person on earth at this moment 9:38 and ask to use on him are very opposing 9:42 two sides of the coin people celebrated 9:46 and approval ratings and solutions are 9:48 fantastic and others see him as it 9:51 dictated wanted wishes to become a 9:54 liberal free democracy that the end 9:57 history will decide on which side cool 10:00 and this video was not made to promote 10:08 the certain opinion on Vladimir Putin 10:10 was made to show the realities of how is 10:13 transforming rush around the world if 10:15 you want to support more videos like 10:17 this subscribe share this documentary 10:19 and if you want to know more about the 10:21 conflicts and you claim in Syria check 10:24 out these videos we made earlier

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