Gerald Celente on Trump’s Cabinet Picks: What to Expect

Will President Trump’s controversial cabinet picks be good or bad for America? As Democrats resist many of Trump’s choices during the on-going confirmation hearings, Trends Forecaster Gerald Celente is back with us to assess what we can expect. Celente says the billionaire will use his own business model in how he uses those who will—at least in name—be the heads of key federal departments and agencies.
He also talks about Trump’s strategy in “going to the top” when chastising companies that make products abroad --companies which he says are often headed by empty “Wizards of Oz”.
And what about Trump’s approach to Russia and China? Here’s our recent interview with Gerald Celente:

Gerald : well it's clearly many aspects a  corporate cabinet from the people that 0:29 he pick you know two very important 0:32 positions and then of course on the 0:35 other one is quite to military cabinet 0:39 as we look at this however Larry we 0:43 understand that Trump disrupted the 0:45 entire political system so this isn't a 0:48 politics as usual you go back to early 0:53 October he wasn't even getting reports 0:56 from people like how speaker Ryan and 0:58 others it was still on the fence so in 1:02 effect what he did was he took over the 1:04 party i'm mentioning that because he's 1:07 going to be a very different president 1:09 and it's going to be one of a business 1:14 person rather than a politician so now 1:17 let's go back to the cabinet when you 1:20 look at the cabinet members they're 1:22 really going to be executive vice 1:25 president general managers so in other 1:29 words Trump is going to run the show it 1:32 going to follow what he wants to do this 1:36 is who he is this is his business 1:38 history social very different cabinet 1:41 positions then we've had in the past 1:43 because if these are about political 1:47 appointees these are about following 1:49 orders and so on the business and we 1:53 believe it's going to be very positive 1:56 for America on number of the other 2:00 issues 2:01 it remains to be seen particularly with 2:04 so many military people excited the 2:07 government and businesses on 3d printed 2:09 she 2:11 you think your fears about we're headed 2:13 towards fascism that the country is 2:17 going to become on a war footing again 2:19 and become presented very destructive to 2:22 the American democracy do you think 2:24 those fears are overblown on the ellen a 2:27 level of democracy I don't know and that 2:30 remains to be seen because he has 2:33 candidates should not be made statements 2:34 about suing the media for saying things 2:38 about him and of course you know that's 2:40 against the First Amendment in many ways 2:42 on the global scale we believe these 2:47 more positive for peace then under the 2:50 doing both the bush and Clinton Bush and 2:57 Obama administrations and that will be a 3:00 perpetual war 3:01 I mean social models in the freezer is 3:06 or close enough for you know it's me 3:09 actually they're very good friend 3:11 according to the many observers 3:12 including yourself not closing up with 3:15 who is your reasonable and the approach 3:17 for other than running water in your 3:20 cream and elsewhere in college and 3:21 career commercial exactly and then let's 3:25 go back to Syria 3:26 I mean this is a war that you remember 3:28 Obama and Hillary Clinton Assad has to 3:32 go spending what we spent a billion 3:34 dollars plus in in arming so-called 3:38 moderate rebels and truffles come out 3:41 already instead he's going to put an end 3:42 to that again moderate rebels who have 3:45 never seen a face up and yeah it's kind 3:47 of like an oxymoron to begin with anyway 3:50 so on on the global scale of war with 3:53 this time it looks very promising it for 3:57 example when somebody says that is he 4:00 said no more of this toppling 4:02 governments I've never heard of a 4:04 candidate or president say those kind of 4:08 things that got you know whether it was 4:10 a high-level candidate i should say in 4:13 terms of being the leader of the 4:14 republican or democrat party so I think 4:17 that's a positive 4:19 we know he's saying that killed 4:21 generally I think that the business of 4:23 America is business and we've heard that 4:25 before from conservative presidents but 4:28 do you think about will actually a 4:30 section of a type of practicality of 4:36 making business rather than more that uh 4:39 I'm a whole will be beneficial to the 4:42 nation or will be giving up certain 4:44 principles and causing compromises that 4:47 in the long run we'll discuss it on the 4:51 compromises in the long run again that 4:53 may prove destructive it sees it it 4:56 depends on what he does on helping the 4:59 nation again you know my forecast we 5:02 forecast have a winner in the trenches 5:04 journal going back to may not because i 5:06 like to die 5:07 I didn't vote for either one of them 5:09 they don't represent my values neither 5:11 Clinton or Trump so what I have to say 5:14 is purely as a political atheist and the 5:17 trends observer I call things the way 5:19 they are not the way I want them to be 5:22 but again as a trends forecaster I see 5:26 positive trends and i'll give you 5:27 another example to other examples became 5:31 of the out against the f-35 which is 5:34 business boondoggle of waste and and 5:37 Pentagon military destruction of our 5:41 money that he said the Boeing thing was 5:44 overpriced for Air Force One and then 5:47 what he did with carrier very important 5:50 whatever deal was cut good or bed it was 5:53 a deal that was better than nothing 5:56 i'm mentioning that because what he did 5:59 again as a trend forecaster he's 6:01 reversing the trend that it's ok for 6:06 businesses to be shipped overseas and 6:09 then again Larry look at the stock 6:12 market's the trend is your friend i have 6:15 been around for a long time never seen a 6:18 boost like this after presidential 6:20 election and it's caused us to reverse 6:24 some of our economic forecast 6:28 didn't what do you think that the 6:31 contract should have already been 6:34 pointed out between Trump's interest in 6:38 Russia and some of the business field 6:40 that he has been involved in and his 6:42 ticket sir mr. involved in that would be 6:45 the CEO sound executive in Pat was 6:50 sewing or at least not highly suspect 6:53 processes lot nomination of the 6:57 psychiatrist's other controversial fix 7:00 this a social call I think if they show 7:07 financial interest with the with Russia 7:10 the the point to pick up the CEO of 7:14 Exxon it will probably be killed but you 7:17 know what happened just a couple of 7:19 weeks ago it was a big deal was done 7:21 with Glencore each commodity firm and 7:26 the Qatari government to buy a big chunk 7:30 of rust ft huge Russian oil firm that 7:35 their privatizing so what we're saying 7:39 is you're going to see what we're seeing 7:41 when something like that happens is a 7:44 de-escalation of the sanctions that have 7:47 been put on Russia by the Obama 7:50 administration so whether or not they 7:52 select this guy as a cabinet pic it's 7:57 interesting that he put a businessman 7:59 and they're rather than a politician 8:00 because you will know from our writings 8:04 the only thing that the last three 8:06 administration's could show in foreign 8:09 policy is abject failure 8:12 I mean a factor there for everyone we're 8:15 in the longest war in our history in 8:17 Afghanistan no end in sight 8:19 despite Obama promising no boots on the 8:22 ground back in a rocket and Syria that 8:26 where there and of course we're invading 8:28 a foreign country with Syria they 8:31 destroyed Libya that was the most 8:33 prosperous nation in Africa and now it's 8:36 you know being it's a bloodbath 8:39 they're so I think there's positives by 8:41 putting more business-minded people 8:44 again if they're not doing it to enrich 8:47 themselves and being that so many of 8:50 these people are so rich you're ready 8:52 and they're going to be losing money by 8:54 doing these things if they may be and I 8:57 can't look into their heart their solar 8:59 their mind they may be doing it for the 9:02 better good of the nation whose already 9:06 reported so the sine mother's right 9:08 immediately Trump at any time and do you 9:12 believe that increasing the one towards 9:16 people actually derail the increasing 9:19 alliance that Putin's forced to make 9:22 with China because of another intentions 9:25 and the American compositional attitude 9:27 i think i don't think but-- this 9:31 relationship with China will change 9:33 oh yes I i backtrack on that yes it will 9:36 get the business of the world is 9:38 business and will only be about doing 9:40 business and right now it's a lot of 9:43 rhetoric going out and we wait we don't 9:46 believe there's going to be trade wars 9:48 we believe that deals are going to be 9:51 renegotiated and they were lousy deals 9:54 to be made anyway because you look at 9:56 the facts 9:57 I mean we've had 22 years of negative 10:00 trade data with mexico since they put in 10:04 nasta it's one crummy deal after another 10:07 and again shine is not going to cut off 10:10 selling to the United States you're 10:13 going to make it deal too so I think 10:16 this is a cooling out period and i 10:18 believe that it's going to be you're 10:20 going to see Trump have freewheeling to 10:23 do anything that he wants for the next 10:27 two years and then the midterm elections 10:30 come about if he fails during those two 10:33 years that you're going to start seeing 10:35 again a strong opposition to and the 10:39 forms of the Democrats taking the Senate 10:42 and the house absolute that he's got a 10:45 free ride there are no party political 10:47 leaders that are going to stop him 10:51 you see is a founding announcement of 10:54 the contract which I want as really the 10:58 opening rounds of the negotiations with 11:01 China on trade another which is setting 11:04 them up already to negotiate precisely 11:08 and again look at all the business that 11:10 America dozen taiwan whether it's dell 11:14 or other companies that do a lot of 11:16 business over there and it's still 11:18 selling taiwan weapons what truck is 11:20 telling them is that nobody is going to 11:23 tell me what to do and actually is i 11:25 mean he showed that he's quite 11:27 narcissistic it in many ways during the 11:30 campaign and it's his show and it's the 11:33 reality show and he had a presidential 11:35 reality way to do the winner of the 11:38 presidential reality show was a reality 11:40 show champion 11:42 so what you see is what you get 11:45 but what is put on the table already is 11:47 that unless china is more reasonable 11:49 what radios a large renegotiation then 11:53 we'll just be getting a little bit too 11:55 familiar with Taiwan you see that way I 11:59 i do but taiwan could only provide so 12:02 much and i think the relationship is 12:05 quite established with Taiwan and that's 12:08 going to be what it is shiny needs 12:10 America more than American each I nuh 12:13 and Trump knows that again you look at 12:16 the balance of trade and the deficit is 12:18 way on our side so try to chinese going 12:22 to do it they can't because China is 12:23 also going through this is what Trump is 12:26 wrong by the way he's saying the Chinese 12:29 devaluing their currency so that they 12:32 could sell more product that is 12:33 absolutely false 12:35 china has lost about twenty percent of 12:39 its reserves because they've been trying 12:41 to defend the yuan from going down it's 12:45 now down to get state year lows against 12:47 the dollar and instead they have they're 12:49 trying to stop capital outflows from 12:52 money leaving China because the yuan is 12:56 getting so that but it's not only to you 12:58 on its all of the emerging markets not 13:00 all of them but many of the emerging 13:02 market currencies for example the 13:04 turkish lira is another one as the 13:07 dollar gets stronger all of these 13:10 currencies get weaker so China's not 13:13 devaluing their currency to sell more 13:16 product abort broad quite the opposite 13:19 there in a bind right now trying to 13:22 boost the yuan up but having a very 13:25 difficult time with it as the dollar get 13:28 stronger and to put it on a global 13:31 perspective Larry all of these trillions 13:33 of dollars that were borrowed cheap 13:36 dollars that were borrowed from by 13:39 emerging market companies and 13:41 corporations they have to be paid back 13:43 and now they have to be paid back as the 13:47 currencies are declining and the dollar 13:50 is getting stronger 13:52 so in other words they have to do debt 13:54 load has his being dramatically 13:56 increased 13:58 you think we might see overall here is 14:01 at a requirement in business you boost 14:05 the economy to achieve success but at 14:08 the expense of the environment at the 14:11 expense of many other things that 14:13 Americans have worn to a hold of 14:17 valuable because in order you have to 14:20 break a in order to make an omelet 14:23 another word in the past all successful 14:26 business and then had a reputation that 14:28 the end viciously aggressive in business 14:31 and the cheese our success that way but 14:34 without the expense of the environment 14:36 the resources everything else isn't it 14:39 always under the energy picturesque 14:41 prove her ETA take Eva a global skeptic 14:45 it not deny our global warming skeptic 14:48 rick perry's energy secretary want to 14:50 dismantle the energy department on and 14:53 on and on 14:54 he's putting in place people that seem 14:57 to be a place there to undermine the 15:00 very departments that are going to be 15:02 leading so the cost of that even though 15:05 in a pretty business in the long run be 15:09 too expensive when you talk about the 15:12 Energy Department the EPA didn't very 15:15 ineffective and what they've been doing 15:17 and it when you look at for example the 15:21 Obama administration policies they have 15:24 not been very strong for pro-environment 15:27 and throw energy and the deals that 15:30 they've done was a 500 million dollar 15:32 deal with a buddy of theirs in the solar 15:35 business that went bankrupt and closed 15:37 we the people now taking it on a grander 15:40 scale the more the more anti-environment 15:46 the old the Trump administration becomes 15:49 the more it will generate opposition to 15:53 their policies and that has been dead 15:57 over the last eight years under Obama 16:00 they let them get away with what they 16:02 wanted to talk about the financial 16:04 sector to be which candidate obama he 16:07 was going to bring these people to 16:09 justice 16:10 for the big banksters that did the dirty 16:12 deals it ruined the lives of tens of 16:15 millions of Americans and not one has 16:18 rolled so now you're going to see an 16:20 opposition form and it we believe that's 16:24 very positive because if they start 16:27 doing outrageous moves against the 16:29 environment 16:30 you got to start seeing a galvanization 16:33 of a movement that has been very quiet 16:35 in the last eight years and again going 16:39 back to the people that he's picking 16:42 whether it's cari one after another they 16:47 are only senior vice president Trump 16:51 will call the shots they won't tell you 16:57 feel older sharks who's going to be 16:59 calling overall will be good for America 17:03 or remains different means to be saying 17:05 it remains to be seen but again as trend 17:09 forecasters and again we just had a 17:11 conference here launching the top trends 17:14 what we do is we tell ppl police's 17:16 directions are going in now it's fine 17:19 for you to you know we don't take a a 17:22 personal view of it but see where it's 17:24 going and how to play into it so let's 17:26 take one of trumps sayings make America 17:30 great again 17:32 s'okay it from an American every really 17:35 common in making product i'm going to 17:38 really be pumping out those American 17:40 sneakers for example and then I would 17:44 play the trump card drop to jump ran the 17:48 election the way he wanted to 17:50 called-out Hillary Clinton crooked 17:52 Hillary crooked Clinton what every 17:54 Calder Jeb Bush pushes a hand on his 17:57 shoulder and the first debate you know 17:59 you're a nice guy but you're really 18:00 nothing we play the trump card so now 18:03 i'm making merry pride in America 18:05 sneakers 18:07 I'm gonna start running heads with phil 18:08 knight from nike can hear them and say 18:11 what a trade of phil knight is 18:13 descending all those jobs overseas to 18:15 make his sneakers that he marks up all 18:18 this money to become a billionaire while 18:20 he steals our jobs 18:22 I'm not saying coming in that we would 18:24 be kind of workout where carriers and 18:27 that the bad publicity that figure was 18:29 too much of a liability 18:30 exactly so what I'm saying is you play 18:33 the trump card you call out the top you 18:37 go to the top 18:39 that's what Trump knows how to do 18:41 there's nothing there when you go to the 18:43 top 18:44 it's usually the wizard of oz behind a 18:46 curtain with a little dog particularly 18:49 in politics so we we tell our readers 18:52 and our subscribers is that this is 18:54 what's going on here's how we would play 18:56 it this is what we would do

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