Donald Trump Finally EXPOSES George Soros! -- Anonymous

Transcript : greeting citizens of the world we are 0:03 anonymous 0:04 George is running out and friends with 0:07 the election of Donald Trump first 0:09 president of the United States and the 0:11 upset in great britain the pattern is 0:14 beginning to learn this happens is 0:16 indicating that a major takedowns George 0:19 society foundation among other 0:23 organizations both there's an individual 0:25 the process off evidence to support such 0:28 a claim is difficult to collect his 0:30 presence because of the very nature of 0:32 such an operation outside of conspiracy 0:35 sites which promote similar stories like 0:38 Putin issuing an arrest warrant for 0:40 secret service members something which 0:43 is not yet been improving real 0:45 information and evidence is all but 0:47 impossible to find and suggestive 0:51 evidence is about this evidence is 0:53 considered and process to understanding 0:55 the mandates of strategies which service 0:58 has been involved in has been attempting 0:59 to influence this will be contrasted 1:02 after it is the rising opposition which 1:04 is represented by the election of Trump 1:07 I won't waste WorkSafe by going into too 1:09 much detail of these connections as the 1:11 internet is full of reliable and valid 1:13 sources which can be easily googled and 1:17 found we will focus on the broad strokes 1:20 obvious connections which make up the 1:23 larger pattern the most obvious is open 1:26 borders George presented for the 1:29 foundations and organizations have been 1:32 involved in the funding of Isis and 1:35 subsequent migrant crisis which has 1:38 spread around the world it has even been 1:40 suggested that has been involved in the 1:44 funding of Isis recruitment within 1:46 America the open society foundation and 1:50 the host of subsidiary organizations are 1:53 now being openly exposed for their and 1:55 the Israeli operations 1:58 this could be an attempt to several 2:00 Israel's connections with the United 2:02 States and isolate the nation 2:04 international 2:05 doing this is not an easy obvious as we 2:11 explained the Western like you which 2:14 overthrew the democratically elected 2:16 government of Ukraine will also include 2:19 by George through which is also stood 2:23 for Russia improved are well known but 2:25 preventing Putin from having to control 2:28 the natural gas flow through Ukraine was 2:31 the overriding factor interesting the 2:34 casino VP job in there and set on the 2:38 board the natural gas company in eastern 2:41 Ukraine the victims are representatives 2:44 of the American establishment and serve 2:47 the interests of george soros this is 2:50 how it works 2:51 the establishment use they are to 2:53 infiltrate and take of the business and 2:56 the industry of nations from the inside 2:58 because in addition Ukraine with getting 3:01 further absorbed into the Eurasian Union 3:03 through trade deals with Russia and 3:05 China removing the support was 3:07 instrumental in preventing all of Europe 3:09 for being alive with a larger Eurasian 3:12 Union validate the breech plug itself 3:14 represents the interests within great 3:17 britain heading a geopolitical strategy 3:19 in case they needed to separate from 3:22 Europe and remain alive with North 3:25 America service has also been directly 3:27 involved in the attempted overthrow of 3:29 Syria there are many reasons for this 3:32 area is aligned with Russia the enemy 3:34 assaults but is that also represents a 3:37 problem for business interests of boats 3:39 awesome the Clintons along with others 3:41 in the American establishment the 3:43 natural gas line which was meant to 3:44 connect the car with Europe traveling to 3:47 Saudi Arabia Syria and Turkey is the 3:50 major problem let's catch pipeline has 3:53 been invested in by the Clintons and 3:54 others have set of friends of Russia and 3:57 Putin has refused to have a growing 3:59 through cydia source that the American 4:00 establishment required to have 4:02 the state line in place to keep your 4:04 from being drawn into the larger 4:06 Eurasian Union the region union is an 4:08 important piece of developing global 4:10 governance framework as it's becoming 4:12 more obvious it is also important to 4:15 understand what chapters relations with 4:19 the house of these ties will be further 4:21 revealed of the deeper investigation 4:23 into the terror attacks are set over 11 4:26 2001 convinces and the truth is revealed 4:29 regarding the full nature of the 4:31 American establishment of its control 4:33 over both the Republican and Democratic 4:35 parties it is still my confusion that 4:38 911 was an attempt to stop the 4:40 transformation of the international 4:42 monetary system in its early stages by 4:45 using the manufacturer to hijack the 4:47 global government process this hijacking 4:50 is now failed george soros has also be 4:54 instrumental in manipulating Western 4:56 policy towards Russia and China in 4:59 general the later built up in Russia 5:01 borders is taking place at the same time 5:04 as the attempted coup in turkey and 5:06 ukraine along the war in Syria evidence 5:09 is now beginning to learn that both 5:11 Clinton insurance had been involved in 5:13 the cooler champion turkey reopen was 5:15 beginning to realize the country with 5:18 Russia which would have severely 5:19 affected the interests of service 5:21 including threatening the rules of 5:23 migrant being forced into Europe for 5:26 chapter the interests of Rothschild to a 5:29 larger extent the broader international 5:31 banking interests have been well 5:34 represented with the right of aviation 5:37 superpower and integration into the 5:39 international monetary system china is 5:41 playing an important role in removal and 5:44 replacement of the US dollars that 5:46 international reserve currency the SDR 5:49 the International Monetary plugins being 5:52 groomed for this role with the support 5:54 of China the American delays that 5:57 implementing the ims 2000 5:59 and can quotient government's reforms 6:01 are better understood as the working of 6:03 George to hijack the process and prevent 6:07 chipped away from the US dollar a steely 6:10 photosystem alternatively they could be 6:13 attempting to control the development in 6:15 order to ensure that the dollar remains 6:16 the dominant asset within a separate 6:19 another interesting aspect of what we 6:22 are doing here is the Panama papers 6:24 leaks the case has been made the George 6:26 service was behind this integral was to 6:29 expose the Roth child connection 6:32 throughout the global banking network 6:35 with the intent of taking control of the 6:37 global governance process this attempt 6:40 cool against the Rothschilds and Morgan 6:42 international banking powers which they 6:45 represent is now collapsing in the 6:47 backlash could very well be violent as 6:50 stated above the UK book it was the 6:52 first obvious countermove against george 6:55 soros's American establishment 6:58 this was followed by the election of 7:00 Donald Trump the trunk platform 7:02 represents the direct attack on the 7:05 organization than strategies of George 7:08 along with the UK vote Donald Trump will 7:11 be enacting policies to reduce and stop 7:13 immigration from terrorists supporting 7:15 nations this can be assumed the nation's 7:19 that are in alliance with george soros 7:21 trunk is also openly stated that he will 7:24 be willing to work with Russia and 7:26 destroy Isis and returning stability to 7:29 the Middle East it is my estimate that 7:32 this will include the removal of the 7:33 house of tourism their establishment 7:37 this will make a stronger Israel the 7:39 anti-israel actions of throws are in 7:42 direct conflict with the support which 7:44 tribe States you will be given to Israel 7:46 the American Embassy will even move from 7:49 Tel Aviv to Jerusalem what this means 7:52 the Greater Israel project is not yet 7:55 determined it can be assumed that any 7:58 renegotiation between Iran and North 8:00 America the nuclear deal well involve 8:02 discussions about his race 8:04 Trump could very well be the first u.s. 8:07 president along with Putin who brings 8:10 peace to the Middle East such a thing 8:12 would be a major loss for George third 8:15 jump will also be moving forward with 8:17 alternatives to nato russia is now 8:21 called on Trump to remove NATO troops 8:24 from exporters this will likely happen 8:26 and correspond with the joint military 8:27 action in Syria and throughout the 8:31 Middle East the representatives of the 8:33 American establishment within the 8:35 European nations are now beginning to 8:37 understand that a major shift is taking 8:39 place in a geopolitical world repairing 8:42 relations with Russia should be at the 8:44 top of the list of the region Union 8:46 continues to grow in size and scope with 8:49 constitute a major blow to the interest 8:52 off George tourism his companions in the 8:55 American establishment it is becoming 8:57 increasingly clear that George services 9:00 and those who have used both American 9:02 political parties are running out of 9:04 places to hide the mainstream media is 9:07 one of those the alternative media alive 9:09 with their larger mandates of global 9:12 governance will be one of the winners 9:14 I know such a thing may be hard to 9:16 believe by some but in time you will see 9:18 an empire is always replaced from within 9:21 the seeds of the alternative to the 9:24 existing Empire are planted years and 9:26 decades in advance replacement of Donald 9:29 Trump and the internet-based alternative 9:31 media are reflective of that sarah's 9:34 attempt to reverse the election decision 9:36 in the US has failed just like his 9:38 efforts to rock and manipulate things in 9:40 the lead-up to the election it should be 9:42 obvious that this resistance two series 9:45 and the establishment is not just an 9:47 organic uprising of the people 9:49 present his power behind his opposition 9:51 and the new sense of nationalism which 9:53 is guiding the masses service is 9:56 attempting to guide his master's into 9:59 two masses resisting each other could 10:01 mean little more but i don't think that 10:03 will forces those work to remove 10:05 sarosans his weapon foundations and 10:08 organizations both from within and 10:09 without where George Souris understood 10:12 that he was being used to the part of a 10:13 larger game it's hard to determine the 10:16 international banking interests of which 10:18 the Rothschilds are only the outer face 10:20 of immense power and influence over this 10:22 world 10:23 George may have been presented with a 10:25 cleverly crafted opening which is 10:27 corrupt human nature couldn't resist the 10:29 development that he demanded some 10:31 strategies open border terrorism liberal 10:34 of socialism directly led to the rise of 10:36 a new form of nationalist new 10:38 nationalism is now being used to Harold 10:41 in a broader framework of the global 10:43 government system betrayed and the 10:45 pattern is cleared from whereas it is 10:47 hard to connect keep watching for events 10:49 in the world that prove what has been 10:51 said here major war between the world 10:54 players has been averted but the risk of 10:56 small regional wars remains the chess 11:00 game is not over there could still be 11:02 some causalities both sides the game may 11:06 have been rigged against the rhythm 11:08 there American establishment from 11:11 infection interesting side note from 11:13 within the American political and media 11:15 establishment found out switching side 11:18 they could have been planted there all 11:20 along we are anonymous

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