David Icke - Where They Want To Take The World - 2017

Transcript : five sense reality and what I call the corners because once we realized basic 0:06 coordinates of where they want to take 0:08 the world and the methods they used to 0:10 take us there suddenly what seems to be 0:12 a bewildering world and what's going on 0:14 it's just more into clarity and question 0:18 is how do they do it is a good question 0:19 because at first sight 0:21 how do with you control the many it 0:23 possible but it's not because of the way 0:25 the structured Society just very quickly 0:29 recap they want to lock humanity in the 0:32 five senses so we don't proceed beyond 0:35 it was locked in that prison they have 0:37 into breeding bloodlines computer 0:40 terminals i would call them which play 0:42 out this interdimensional conspiracy 0:44 within visible light what I call the 0:46 Illuminati bloodlines and they've set up 0:48 a structure whereby the bloodlines who 0:52 answer to the the reptilian control 0:54 system then control the government's the 0:57 people in power in the pin in all the 0:59 various institutions and crucial all the 1:02 way through is to structure society when 1:05 you can you can symbolize it as a 1:08 spider's web or like this is a pyramid 1:11 the idea is to hoard advanced knowledge 1:13 the counter stuff we've been hearing 1:15 about today and more in the upper levels 1:18 of this structure this pyramid within 1:21 pyramid structure compartmentalize 1:23 pyramid where the few at the top of the 1:25 only ones that know how it all fits 1:27 together and they keep the general 1:28 population in ignorance of what they 1:30 know therefore they have the power so 1:32 they can manipulate the perception of 1:34 the masses by keeping them in ignorance 1:36 this is why the education system is not 1:38 about educating about programming and 1:41 they place their people in so-called 1:44 power what we are told is at the top of 1:46 the pyramid of power presidents prime 1:48 ministers and all these people are in 1:50 the upper echelon of the pyramid but not 1:52 only the top the real people in power 1:54 are behind them in the shadows and these 1:57 are the conduits the president the Prime 1:59 Minister's and all the rest of it for 2:01 bringing that agenda in to the public 2:04 arena as changes in laws and 2:06 legislations in the structure of society 2:08 so they compartmentalize all these 2:11 different pyramids within pyramid 2:13 so that in the end the banking system is 2:15 encompassed by a pyramid with a bank the 2:18 pyramid itself all hierarchical pyramids 2:21 then the banking system is encompassed 2:23 by a pyramid at the top of that are the 2:25 same families most notably the 2:28 rothschild same with the businesses the 2:30 transnational corporations are 2:32 compartmentalize pyramid involve 2:34 themselves but they go into a bigger 2:35 pyramid which encompasses all the 2:38 transnational corporations so at that 2:39 point they are one corporation just as 2:42 at that point all those banks for one 2:44 bank same with politics education all 2:46 these things and people in this part of 2:49 the pyramid hear that go to work they're 2:51 not trying to manipulate anybody not 2:53 trying to create a fascist or where the 2:55 inter-gender and and global state they 2:57 just want to go about their careers earn 3:00 money go on holiday that provide for 3:03 their families but they don't know how 3:05 they're apparently innocent contribution 3:08 individually connect with other 3:10 apparently innocent contributions around 3:13 the system when you connect them 3:15 together you see if anything but 3:17 innocent direction that is taking the 3:19 world and that's how they keep what's 3:23 going on in the hands of the few this is 3:27 there Neal hate representation of that 3:28 this is the general population and these 3:31 are the kind of the dark suit 3:33 administrators of the system until you 3:35 get up here to where the control system 3:37 is and most even hear what know that 3:40 exists 3:41 oh i just got this order from and I I 3:43 don't know where it's come from maybe we 3:44 also bloody ask instead of just doing it 3:46 and again it can also be symbolizes the 3:49 web where these various strands their 3:52 secret society semi-secret organizations 3:55 which go out and connect all these 3:58 apparently unconnected country's 4:00 institutions media organizations banks 4:03 etc and this Illuminati network 4:07 symbolized as the bearded man views out 4:10 all these people who apparently appear 4:14 to be random to run for president needs 4:17 to cool and amounts of money where they 4:19 come from 4:20 comes from here was that money come from 4:21 and therefore you have two people put up 4:24 for president but there because of the 4:26 money provided by this network therefore 4:29 they chosen not only who it's gonna be 4:32 but they've sorted out what the policies 4:35 are going to be in return for that money 4:37 and here's what they do we think we're 4:39 choosing our leaders were not to miss 4:41 and so this structure that i showed you 4:44 earlier comes into this where these 4:46 leaders are put into power to carry out 4:49 the agenda of the control system which 4:51 is why when parties change whatever they 4:54 said in opposition goes out the window 4:56 and they start acting like the party and 4:58 government previously that they were 4:59 criticizing the common denominator is 5:01 whoever gets in power basically 5:03 introduces the control system and 5:05 whoever's out of power opposes the 5:07 control system verbally which means that 5:09 you have the illusion of choice when 5:12 rabbit in power unfold the agenda so 5:15 there is no choice to be the mist and 5:18 may control these institutions and play 5:21 the people off against each other 5:23 divide and rule both within countries 5:25 and between countries keeping everything 5:29 in a constant state of confusion and 5:32 conflict and that's the key manipulating 5:35 confusion and conflict is child's play 5:38 manipulating harmony manipulating 5:42 respect between each other is a 5:45 nightmare so they have to keep the world 5:47 in constant state of conflict now when 5:49 you bring it down to individual country 5:51 as we come down this structure this is 5:53 what you find in every country you had 5:55 in America's the wonderful example but 5:57 it plays out all over the world during 5:59 the bush years Republican that 6:03 administration was controlled by a group 6:05 of people known as neocon 6:06 neoconservatives including all these 6:08 people like Richard Perle and for the 6:11 restroom and over here you have what i 6:13 call anyway the demo cons this is a 6:16 network of people put kissinger in the 6:18 Democrats cousin Advisory to Obama at 6:20 the moment we spend most of his time 6:21 with the neocon schedule he just goes 6:23 with the weapons winning and the demo 6:26 cons are a group of people that control 6:29 the Democratic administrations 6:32 but the demo crowns and the neo-cons are 6:35 controlled by the same force which you 6:36 get to here so people think about 30 6:38 Republican this summer I'm going to put 6:40 the Democrats things like that obama got 6:43 a nice smile and what you doing is 6:47 voting for this whatever and that's 6:49 what's happening in this country same 6:52 thing and so when people say big brother 6:55 bush or Big Brother Obama it's not just 7:01 a puppet dance that dance when I think 7:04 jumping into olympic I just record this 7:07 is the thing you take one mask off you 7:10 put another mass card because it's a 7:12 different matter we think it's a 7:14 different administration we think 7:15 controlled by different forces no no and 7:18 what you have is the movie playing out 7:20 in the public arena people who appear to 7:22 being opposition to each other when 7:24 they're controlled by the same puppeteer 7:26 and once you look beyond the movie 7:29 that's when you start to see what's 7:32 really happening in the world 7:33 the cards are moved around in line with 7:36 an agenda for the constant incessant 7:39 centralization of power and it's done 7:43 with people who are keep coming back to 7:44 have a DNA with empathy deleted which 7:48 means anything goes in pursuit of this 7:51 agenda and the people are misdirected 7:57 diverted by the way society is 8:01 manipulated and controlled increasingly 8:03 so with more and more laws affecting the 8:05 fine detail of our lives so that we 8:07 spend so much time surviving and rushing 8:10 around we don't lift your head up and 8:12 see what's going on so puppet people are 8:15 essential to the few control in the 8:18 world when we cease to be so and it's 8:19 happening more and more than this will 8:21 be over humans have been put into this 8:24 round and round and round cycler 8:27 lifestyle with one week leads into 8:30 another week and another week just a 8:32 repeating cycle of action and work and 8:36 sleep and eat and work can sleep beneath 8:39 for so many people and this is the 8:42 structure that they're moving towards 8:44 why because when you're the few and you 8:47 want to control the many you have to 8:50 centralize decision-making the more 8:53 diversity of decision-making there is 8:55 the less control an essential point is 8:58 going to have over it 8:59 so what you need to do is constantly 9:01 centralized power so control over more 9:04 and more and more people goes into fewer 9:06 and fewer hands we started with a tribal 9:09 situation long time ago the people in 9:11 the tribe decided what was going to 9:14 happen 9:15 we then brought as part of this 9:17 centralization is going over this whole 9:19 period i'm talking about the tribes came 9:21 together into what we call nation and 9:24 now a few people at the center of the 9:26 nation are dictating to all the former 9:28 tribes that make up that nation we've 9:31 now well into the next stage of that 9:33 which is bringing nations together under 9:35 unions like the European Union so a few 9:38 people at the center and now dictating 9:41 to all those nations which are made up 9:42 of all those tribes before and the next 9:45 stage of that was there already 9:47 preparing for is to take us into a world 9:51 government that would dictate to these 9:54 unions that are building up and the 9:55 European Union the American unions they 9:57 want violate North American Union the 9:59 Pacific Union evolved out of our 10:01 organizations like a tech asia-pacific 10:04 Economic Cooperation and the African 10:05 Union already in place evolved out the 10:08 other

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  1. the american government does not really know who they are, the 1492 event still a confusion to the 2017 pilgrims, reason why they keep harping for a 1776, they got trump who they believe will bring them to reality. unfortunately. 1492 is still in america as trump displayed on the mexican borders hernan cortez style. perhaps the messiah will return and clear the pilgrims mind, who are nothing more than a european union unders one language. meaning america and europe are alike. but why Trump wants war with russia and divide europe is the suicidal question of white america against white europe. and the muslims and the jews, the trump towers or the trump target. of incomprehension, for african americans is just the same as the 1800 slavery. perhaps the 21century will reach america and europe simultaneously !!


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