Anarcho Capitalism Fully Explained

Transcript : let me ask you a question where does the 0:02 power of government and where does the 0:05 draw the line and say all we can't do 0:07 that i don't think there is a line Paris 0:10 some states we're giving blowjobs is 0:13 illegal 0:15 yes they even control what you do in the 0:17 bedroom with your partner 0:18 it's getting ridiculous the majority can 0:21 just say hey I would've been alcohol 0:23 again and the government will actually 0:25 enforce that again they could say you 0:28 know what youre not allowed to have 0:30 abortions they could say you're not 0:32 allowed to smoke weed which is a 0:34 harmless leaf they can say well you're 0:37 gay so you're not allowed to get married 0:39 I mean it's illegal to collect rainwater 0:41 in some states as you could tell some of 0:44 those are actually illegal right now in 0:46 some states but some of them are not but 0:49 the point is tomorrow at the majority 0:52 decides that they should be illegal 0:54 the government will enforce it what does 0:57 this all mean the majority your stupid 0:59 fucking neighbor gets to control your 1:01 life and you say you're free 1:04 that's ridiculous to me if you ask me 1:07 everybody should be able to do what they 1:09 want as long as they don't harm another 1:12 and there is no victim but you and your 1:16 neighbors don't feel that way they feel 1:18 they need to control their neighbors and 1:20 ban everything that they find slightly 1:22 distasteful and those who want to live 1:25 free have to go to prison 1:27 let's just put it this way eighty 1:30 percent of us prisoners are in there for 1:33 victimless crimes there is no victim and 1:38 if you ask me that means they shouldn't 1:40 be in prison if you ask me there's no 1:43 victim 1:44 there's no crime all they did was do 1:47 something that somebody somewhere find 1:48 distasteful 1:50 who cares if you really lived in a free 1:53 society you could do things people find 1:55 distasteful and not only do you let them 1:58 just simply tell you what to do you let 2:01 them use violence against you if you 2:03 disobey played you you say how does the 2:06 government threaten you 2:07 you may ask if you don't do what the 2:10 government says they want extort you 2:12 like a fucking criminal 2:14 true they can kidnap you and throw you 2:17 in a cage like a fucking animal and the 2:21 government and your neighbor get to 2:22 choose how long you stay in that cage 2:24 and it could be for the rest of your 2:26 life if you're not lucky and number 2:28 three if you don't do everything that 2:31 they say you just obey them one time 2:33 they will come to your house with burns 2:36 and threaten you with them and if you 2:38 resist them from extorting you or 2:40 kidnapping you by fighting back 2:42 they will kill you what I just explained 2:46 is precisely what's wrong with 2:48 government the only trick it has the 2:51 only thing it could do is bash people 2:53 with the hammer 2:55 that's how it makes the world go round 2:57 is by violence now there's only two 2:59 systems that you could use to make a 3:01 society work 1 i've already explained to 3:04 you which is the state which obviously 3:06 just use violence to make people do 3:09 things and the elimination of freedom 3:11 whereas the other system the only other 3:14 system uses voluntary transactions and 3:17 gets rid of violence completely yet 3:21 not only does it take violence out of 3:23 the equation it's a more efficient 3:25 system everything the state does the 3:28 free markets can do better and you can 3:31 think competition for that but I'll get 3:33 into that more later and I'm like to 3:36 state the free markets can't get rid of 3:38 your freedoms whereas with the state 3:40 they can do whatever the hell they want 3:43 there's no part of your life that they 3:45 can't control now because we live in a 3:48 society that uses a mixture of both of 3:51 those idiots can't differentiate the 3:54 difference between the state and the 3:55 market like remember this guy the most 3:58 hated man in America this guy bought a 4:01 patent for a pill that saves lives 4:03 it used to be three dollars a pill once 4:06 he bought the patent he raised it to 4:07 like a thousand dollars a pill or 4:09 something ridiculous and now what did 4:11 people do they blame government for 4:13 inventing patents 4:15 they fucking blame the free markets they 4:17 blamed capitalism capitalism in the free 4:21 market aren't responsible for fucking 4:23 patents do you think capitalism right 4:25 fucking laws no it's the government that 4:28 does that he's not the problem did our 4:30 fucking country the way it's set up 4:32 award sociopath 4:34 you're not going to make it in this 4:35 country and if you have morals guys as 4:37 models for weak people it's like it's 4:41 like the rules of this country like 4:42 regulate yourself 4:44 we trust you capitalism doesn't make you 4:47 regulate yourself capitalism makes it so 4:51 the market regulate you in capitalism 4:54 people vote but they vote with their 4:57 wallets they don't vote for a government 5:00 official to use guns to force people 5:02 what to do 5:03 no no they use their wallet to force 5:05 people what to do 5:06 it's a non-violent way for making the 5:08 world go round 5:10 capitalism is a perfect system whereas 5:13 government is not the reason government 5:16 doesn't work is because you're using 5:17 violence to control people you are 5:20 literally creating rulers that kind of 5:23 power will always be exploited for evil 5:27 I mean you're literally letting certain 5:29 people control others using violence 5:31 held the fuck do you think anything good 5:34 will come of that nothing good will come 5:37 of it and as you've seen it throughout 5:39 history 5:40 nothing good has come from it as soon as 5:43 somebody gets into power where they do 5:45 they sell out to the lobbyists the 5:47 people with the most money again the 5:49 people with power say hey we control 5:53 these fucking peasants you the company's 5:55 give me money and i'll let you write the 5:57 fucking lives and i'll let you control 5:59 these peasants so basically you get a 6:02 bunch of people with power converting 6:04 that power into money so obviously 6:06 letting a select few rule over others is 6:09 a terrible idea 6:11 people get exploited those in power get 6:14 rich by selling away your fucking 6:17 freedoms obviously the power of 6:19 government shouldn't exist because the 6:22 only thing that could come out of it is 6:24 something bad is somebody getting 6:27 exploited 6:28 the ironic thing is people see this they 6:31 see that this power leads to corruption 6:33 but do they blame the state know they 6:36 say look at those capitalist how dare 6:38 they use voluntary transactions and by 6:41 power 6:42 yes the people buying power that's bad 6:44 it's not the people pointing the guns 6:46 and making people do evil things 6:48 no no they're not to blame the 6:50 government to blame it's the people 6:52 doing the voluntary transactions there 6:54 the evil ones the one selling your 6:56 rights away for money allowing people 6:58 and even companies to control you using 7:01 violence they're the victims in all this 7:03 but also the bottom line is to make as 7:06 much money so come on guys get together 7:08 everybody knows money is the root of all 7:10 evil 7:11 it makes the world go around using 7:12 voluntary transactions without using 7:16 violence whereas government these 7:18 violence to make the world go round 7:20 yep just to add the two systems that 7:22 exist the one eliminating violence sure 7:24 is the evil one 7:25 it's like the guy can fucking do it why 7:28 should me he's a sociopath that's how 7:30 the games played here that's how court 7:32 this is how capitalism in America is 7:34 played right again what he's talking 7:36 about his patents patents or LA now this 7:39 capitalism praying legislate law or is a 7:43 government 7:43 oh yeah it's fucking government 7:46 government is to blame here government 7:48 is the one who created the patents not 7:50 capitalism under capitalism this shit 7:53 would be happening but he's a basic 7:55 idiot just like every other American who 7:58 can't tell the difference between 7:59 government and capitalism so he they 8:01 blame capitalism 8:03 so in reality they want to get rid of 8:05 government and move towards more of a 8:07 capitalist system but because they're 8:09 complete idiots the opposite occurs they 8:13 think that they need to get rid of 8:14 capitalism and move towards more of a 8:16 government system so next time they vote 8:19 they always vote for more government and 8:21 government leads to more problems so 8:23 then they blame capitalism even more and 8:26 say hey we need even more government 8:27 increasing the problems even further 8:30 it's a never-ending cycle they keep 8:32 making all the problems that they see 8:34 wrong with this country were 8:36 by increasing government when you're 8:38 fucking solutions are the problem 8:41 your country is going to end up like 8:42 either Venezuela or fucking communism I 8:45 mean it's only a matter of time until 8:47 your country has down that path 8:49 I mean I really wish the school system 8:51 would fix this problem and teach people 8:53 the difference between capitalism and 8:55 government that way people will actually 8:57 recognize that its government that's the 8:59 problem and we could finally start 9:01 moving towards more of a capitalist 9:03 system but expecting anything as 9:05 education system it's fucking ridiculous 9:07 considering the fact that it's run by 9:09 the government and we know everything 9:11 that the government touches turns the 9:12 garbage so don't expect this problem to 9:14 be fixed 9:15 anytime soon expect the country and its 9:18 people to move more towards socialism 9:19 and communism in the future making our 9:22 problems worse and worse this problem 9:24 will be fixed until education is fixed 9:27 now let's talk about why everything the 9:30 government touches turns out the garbage 9:31 when you have one system controlling 9:34 everything like government does it can't 9:36 compete against itself if there's no 9:38 fucking competition 9:40 how'd you expect shit to improve there's 9:42 nothing pushing innovation and 9:44 lackluster performance is rewarded 9:47 whereas with capitalism turns and tons 9:50 and tons of companies could compete 9:52 innovation and being the very best is 9:55 rewarded in this system the more 9:57 competition there is the better society 10:00 will perform ok imagine a speedrunner 10:03 into different systems the first system 10:05 let's talk about the government system 10:07 the speedrunner in the government system 10:09 will be rewarded 10:10 no matter what kind of job he does 10:11 there's no competition there's nothing 10:13 to compare it to so obviously everything 10:16 is acceptable 10:17 now imagine in a capitalist system speed 10:20 runner is going against olympique 10:22 speedrunners his entire life 10:25 that's what he's used to going up 10:26 against now don't you think in the 10:28 second system the capitalist system the 10:30 speedrunner would have been crafted into 10:32 a better runner because of this 10:34 competition 10:35 obviously the second system the 10:37 capitalist system is going to produce a 10:39 better high functioning Society 10:42 ok here's another analogy imagine the 10:44 government raised your child 10:46 they reward him every time he does bad 10:49 behavior 10:50 now imagine the capitalist system where 10:52 they are rewarded every time on good 10:54 behavior 10:55 now imagine both children at 20 which 10:58 one do you think is going to grow up to 11:00 the better adult the one that the 11:02 government made or the one that the 11:03 capitalist society made so obviously 11:06 I've already explained my three drives 11:08 with government one it eliminates 11:11 freedom to it only works using violence 11:14 three it's less effective now what do I 11:18 believe I believe in animal capitalism 11:20 that's a system based completely on 11:22 capitalism with no government whatsoever 11:26 now here's a common misconception 11:27 everybody here's an article capitalist 11:30 they think we want to get rid of police 11:32 know we want to privatize police we want 11:36 the free market to handle it 11:38 we think competition will lead to better 11:39 policing and cheaper prices look what 11:42 happened when this town use private 11:44 security to secure their neighborhood 11:46 he looks and sounds like a cop required 11:49 today and he and his fellow officers are 11:51 certainly armed like tops completely 11:53 canine when most people hear private 11:56 security 11:57 what did they think they think small 12:01 cost no more cops here they are security 12:04 officers with feel security and have 12:06 been under contract with the subdivision 12:07 since november we actually patrol 12:10 districts and subdivisions like this one 12:12 give them a little bit more security for 12:15 their money 12:16 the Civic Association used to contract 12:18 with the constables office for a deputy 12:20 to patrol the area but now that it's 12:22 gone with field security it has anywhere 12:24 from three to four officers patrolling 12:26 the streets at any given time and at 12:29 half the cost also cut in half the 12:31 number of burglaries the average monthly 12:33 number last year about 20 per month and 12:37 it's everywhere 12:38 11 wow they think we want to get rid of 12:42 quartz no we just want to privatize 12:45 courts we think the government's fucking 12:48 courts up we think competition would 12:50 lead to better court systems much like 12:53 it leads to better policing as we just 12:55 showed you 12:56 your next question is who will create 12:58 the law there's something called natural 13:00 law 13:01 it's basically the shit you seen the 13:02 Constitution private courts would simply 13:05 enforce that your next thing might be 13:07 well private courts will lead to 13:09 corruption those private courts will be 13:12 owned by companies if those companies 13:14 are corrupt and they're not fair 13:16 the people that are exploited by those 13:18 companies those private courts will go 13:20 until the media and the media would make 13:22 a fuck ton of money exposing that 13:24 private court for being corrupt and that 13:27 company would probably go under 13:29 yeah that's right under capitalism you 13:32 are actually held accountable for your 13:33 actions 13:34 unlike government where you could fuck 13:36 up for example you kill innocent person 13:39 as a police officer and the worst that 13:41 will happen to you is you'll get a 13:43 ten-day vacation in the movie Department 13:45 see under capitalism that cop would 13:48 never be private security again their 13:50 career would be ruined over that much 13:53 the same for private court if a judge is 13:55 corrupt they will never be able to be a 13:57 judge again a day in their life now I 14:00 already know all the complaints that 14:02 you're going to have against an idea of 14:04 anarcho-capitalism he goes something 14:06 like this road Somali warlords property 14:08 let me just say I've heard them all and 14:11 they're all bullshit fucking criticisms 14:13 I'll break down each in full detail in a 14:15 moment the first one without government 14:18 who's going to enforce property rights 14:20 number one under a capitalist system you 14:23 will be free to own a gun and protect 14:25 your property number two you won't be 14:28 paying taxes you'll have money to pay 14:30 for somebody to protect your 14:32 neighborhood you and your neighborhood 14:34 collectively pay a sum fee to get 14:36 private security there and as you've 14:38 seen from that private security clip 14:40 they're actually cheaper than what 14:42 police costs and two times more 14:44 effective so don't act like you can't 14:46 afford them if you will for normal 14:48 police today that are much more 14:49 expensive via taxes 14:52 alright complete number two wards there 14:56 is a belief that if you create a nicole 14:58 capitalist society games will rule 15:01 what's stopping them from ruling today 15:03 oh yeah police and the police are 15:05 private 15:05 eyes and as we've seen two times more 15:08 effective than what police are today I 15:10 don't think warlords will be a problem 15:12 also because there will be less 15:14 restrictions on guns 15:16 well there will be a lot of guns around 15:18 in an armed society is a polite society 15:21 I mean fully automatic guns will not 15:23 only go back into production 15:25 he will be cheap again yeah that will 15:27 make criminals think twice before 15:28 breaking into a house also there will be 15:31 malicious 15:32 so if you basically attack one house you 15:35 just went to war with the entire 15:36 neighborhood we both the military mr. 15:39 Burton who would control that military 15:42 would be privatized and there will be a 15:44 couple of them and because there's 15:45 competition they will be excellent 15:49 you get to choose any military you want 15:51 to help you can store money at it one of 15:54 your something actually about private 15:55 military's they can't go to war unless 15:58 you would text him first 16:00 basically the military will have to obey 16:03 the non-aggression principle meaning 16:05 they can only act in self-defense and 16:07 that's exactly how military should act 16:10 you know no more this shit that happens 16:13 today 16:13 think of it this way America has been at 16:16 war for 222 years out of the 239 years 16:21 that's existed you want to hear 16:23 something else great about privatizing 16:25 the military if you don't want to fight 16:27 a war you don't get forced to fight a 16:30 war via a draft only people that are 16:33 willing and wanting to fight for the 16:35 country and get paid for it will now 16:38 here's another common one if you don't 16:40 like government why don't you move to 16:42 somalia somali doesn't have government 16:45 small you're literally happened because 16:47 of government 16:49 what you're seeing is literally the 16:50 effects of failed government but you're 16:53 doing the genius thing to blend 16:54 capitalism for governments mistakes 16:56 again 16:57 also how can he claim the Somalia is an 16:59 animal capitalist society when there are 17:02 0 integral capitalists in Somalia it's 17:06 like someone think hey I should make a 17:08 Hispanic society and someone's like well 17:10 look at the society with no Hispanics 17:13 see it didn't work 17:15 obviously your space 17:16 Society will function and I love love 17:20 how you try to say oh well take a look 17:22 at this failed government it happy 17:25 currently has many many different 17:26 governments fighting for power 17:28 this is a perfect representation of 17:31 animal capitalism a system with zero 17:33 government 17:34 I mean look at this fucking image look 17:36 at all these parties 17:38 look at all these factions how does a 17:40 society with numerous government's 17:42 represent a society that has 0 pitch you 17:46 just played yourself have a play 17:48 yourself but I never play yourself don't 17:50 have a plane itself never played itself 17:52 gratulations you played yourself now my 17:55 favorite one 17:56 we will build the road okay number one 18:00 tax collectors and politicians don't 18:03 build the fucking roads have you ever 18:05 seen one out there 18:07 I bet you have it number two I that 18:09 you're saying well road should be free 18:11 right now you are paying for roads via 18:14 taxes roads are free now so stop 18:16 thinking that you're not gonna have to 18:18 pay for roads under capitalism the 18:21 businesses will pay for the road but you 18:24 know that's obviously going to come out 18:26 of your end when you pay for the 18:27 products right well congratulations by 18:30 making businesses pay for the road 18:33 you just found out how to pay for roads 18:34 without using the violence of the state 18:37 also because roads are privatized there 18:40 will be a lot of construction companies 18:41 creating roads now now that there's 18:43 competition not only will the quality of 18:46 roads improve meaning less potholes but 18:49 they cost of roads will go down 18:51 dramatically remember your paint for 18:53 roads no matter what either through 18:55 government via taxes or by the companies 18:58 themselves when they increase prices but 19:00 because the competition you're 19:02 inevitably paying less if it's in the 19:04 private sector and a better quality 19:06 imagine a private companies took over 19:09 roads but they didn't transfer the cost 19:11 of the road onto you the customer to be 19:14 a by increasing the cost of the products 19:16 that they produce what if instead they 19:19 put advertisements on the roads 19:21 billboards now companies are paying to 19:24 put advertisements on the roads 19:26 in the roads pay for themselves let's 19:29 say it's so profitable that there's 19:31 companies that actually do nothing but 19:32 build roads where they're needed that 19:35 way they can put advertisements on them 19:36 and make money off of them every single 19:38 month 19:39 imagine a highway that needs an extra 19:41 lane I bet you that they will build that 19:43 extra late pretty damn quick because 19:46 that means more traffic to their 19:47 advertisement which increase their 19:49 profit 19:50 your next question probably is what 19:53 would stop monopolies from forming an 19:55 animal capitalist society with the 19:57 government system all the company needs 20:00 to write a law and create a monopoly is 20:02 some money for example the reason why 20:05 marijuana is illegal is so the paper 20:07 companies were to go out of business so 20:10 that the dominant paper companies could 20:12 keep the monopoly on the paper industry 20:14 in anarcho-capitalism businesses can no 20:18 longer use the government to write laws 20:20 to muscle competition to create their 20:22 monopoly because nobody's allowed to 20:25 write any laws or rules over anybody 20:27 else competition would be free to enter 20:30 them free market at any time thus 20:32 preventing any monopolies from forming 20:34 but let's just say there is industry and 20:37 there's a lot of money to be made but 20:39 for some reason competition doesn't 20:41 enter which would be really stupid i 20:43 don't understand why companies wouldn't 20:44 want to make money 20:46 let's just say for some reason they 20:47 didn't want to make money and a monopoly 20:49 formed that's what we call a natural 20:52 monopoly it's obviously completely 20:54 harmless because they're creating a 20:55 service that satisfies everybody if 20:59 they're satisfying everybody what's the 21:01 problem if they start not satisfying 21:03 everybody or they raised their prices 21:06 competition could enter at any time and 21:09 trust me they will because they would 21:11 make a buck on a profit if they do it so 21:14 tons and tons of competition would enter 21:16 the marketplace destroying that monopoly 21:19 so that company may have a natural 21:21 monopoly but they're on their best 21:23 behavior 21:24 the only reason why people don't like 21:26 monopolies is because companies aren't 21:28 on their best behavior for example with 21:30 government monopolies they're literally 21:32 force you to buy the product at gunpoint 21:34 if you don't do it they will kidnap you 21:37 and caged like an animal extort you and 21:40 if you fight back and resist they will 21:43 kill you 21:44 so you're forced to do it and they can 21:46 raise the prices as much as they want 21:48 and you the customer have to pay it 21:51 under capitalism that will never happen 21:53 under capitalism companies are always on 21:56 their best behavior because competition 21:58 could come in and wipe them out at any 22:01 time so let's break this down simply 22:03 monopolies aren't likely to form because 22:07 competition could enter at any time and 22:10 it will not release form anyways they 22:12 have none of the negative effects that 22:14 monopolies have today in a government 22:16 society and they are completely harmless 22:18 now at this point I pretty much 22:21 addressed all the concerns that people 22:23 have the identical capitalism i also 22:26 think I explain why people believe in 22:28 animal capitalist now there's two 22:30 systems government and capitalism and 22:33 out of those two systems capitalism is 22:35 definitely the most efficient of the 22:37 systems so why have government or 22:40 government given a chance but full 22:43 capitalism hasn't been I think it's time 22:45 to give capitalism for capitalism 22:48 anarcho-capitalism a shot 22:50 what say you if you like this video 22:53 remember to smash that motherfucking 22:55 like button and motherfucking subscribe 22:58 also consider donating to my patreon if 23:01 every one of my fans donated one dollar 23:03 I could do this full-time 50 times over 23:06 but right now i'm making less than two 23:08 hundred dollars a month 23:10 yeah less than fucking Steve shives help 23:13 a brother out will ya

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