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DONALD TRUMP WAS RIGHT! U.S. Election is Rigged & Has Been For Years!

Hillary Clinton has such a similar vision for America designed by her benefactor George Soros – who talks of “international governance,” more open borders, increased immigration and diminished U.S. global power – that a vote for her is equal to voting for Soros himself. “My story is about Podesta UFO tweet from February, and how UFO folks seem optimistic that a Hillary White House would mean a better chance at actual US government UFO disclosure,” wrote Vicens. area 51

US President Barack Obama has told Donald Trump to "stop whining" as he rejected his claim that next month's White House election will be rigged.

The businessman-turned-politician has claimed the 8 November election will be "absolutely rigged" for Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton.
Barack Obama has told Donald Trump to “stop whining” as Republicans continued to disown Trump’s claims that the US election is “rigged”.

As the GOP nominee nominee approaches the last presidential debate with Hillary Clinton, Obama warned his claims could divide America.

“One way of weakening America and making it less great is if you start betraying those basic traditions that have held it together for well over two centuries,” said Obama, adding that there was no evidence at all to support Trump’s allegations.

“I have never seen in my lifetime or in modern political history any presidential candidate trying to discredit the election process before votes have even taken place,” the president added in a White House press conference.

“If you start whining before the game’s even over, then you don’t have what it takes to be in this job, because they are a lot of things that don’t go your way,” added Obama, who called for a “peaceful transfer of power”.

Earlier on Tuesday one of Trump’s last loyal supporters, New Jersey governor Chris Christie, came out against the Republican candidate’s claims the election is being rigged.
Voter intimidation fears follow Trump's call for 'volunteer election observers'
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“I am convinced that the election will be a fair one and the process will be one that will be accepted by the American people,” Christie said.

His comments came as Trump reiterated a defiant line of attack that has alarmed many across the political spectrum for its potential to stir civil unrest if he loses in three weeks’ time.

As the clock ticks down to a final showdown with Clinton at the third presidential debate in Las Vegas on Wednesday, Trump’s strategy appears in part to be a way of coping with plummeting poll numbers and preparing for a political future after November. or a campaign that started with a promise to round up and deport 11 million people, Trump’s bid for the White House has taken a still darker turn in recent days. As his support slips amid scandal, the Republican nominee has been warning his supporters that the election will be “rigged” by Democratic operatives. Trump’s campaign is promoting a sign-up sheet to help him “stop Crooked Hillary from rigging this election,” an estimated 73% of Republican voters now think the election could be stolen. Many are unwilling to take no for an answer. TRUMP "Donald Trump" Press System Vote Election Hillary "Hillary Clinton" news media entertainment family president company 2016 2017 job jobs employment USA America U.S. "United States" win winner winning truth journalism journalist report leader leadership change "Stronger Together" "American Dream" story critic honor register republican democrat trends trending "elite nwo agenda"

Most election rigging, of course, is done by Republicans through gerrymandering and restrictive voter ID laws, aimed at making it harder for poor people and people of color to get to the polls. On the whole, then, Trump voters are some of the least likely to find their ballots fall victim to foul play. Still, that doesn’t mean the threat posed by his fear-mongering is any less real, or that his supporters aren’t responding to legitimate flaws in American politics.

The fight over vote rigging in 2016 is a proxy war for a much deeper crisis of legitimacy in American democracy, pitting the country’s political elite against just about everyone else who lives here. Our democracy is in sore need a revolution, one that – with any luck – will be a far cry from the violent and xenophobic coup Trump’s supporters are promising to bring about.

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